Istanbul Metro Works 7 Cracked Walls of Building

Istanbul Metro Works Cracked the Walls of 7 Buildings: Cracks occurred in the floors and walls of 3 buildings located near the metro line works in Üsküdar. 7 buildings on the street were evacuated for precautionary purposes.

In Üsküdar, Mimar Sinan District, Sabahattin İskele Street, citizens heard voices in their buildings yesterday evening and took to the street in panic. The residents of the apartment talked about their voice to the construction authorities of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe metro line, which is under construction at the back of their buildings. Thereupon, the authorities examined the streets; He found that cracks had formed in the walls and floors of 3 buildings. The street, where the buildings were damaged, was closed by the construction authorities with an iron door.

At the end of the investigation, the 7 building on the street was evacuated for protection; The residents of the street were placed in the hotel by construction officials, taking their important belongings.


İsmail Odabaş stated that the building he suffered had been damaged and he said the following about the incident:

“There is a collapse in our building due to construction. They said that there was such a collapse for geological reasons. They hosted us in hotels. There is enormous damage to our building. There is also damage to the buildings behind. They also said that they were taking the houses under control. They said that the hotel expenses would be covered. They gave us the opportunity to get our private belongings, then welded the iron gates. They hit the seal on the building, we cannot enter it right now. They definitely do not get into the building. This is their warning. They are thinking of checking the condition of the building for another 2-3 days. "

Some of the citizens of the street, today, also continued to take away from private households to be disposed of for personal protection.



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