Mountaineers wounded rescue exercise cut breaths

Climber injured rescue exercise was breathtaking: they stopped breathing exercises after training every corner of Turkey's Uludag mountain climbers from the 60 2 years. The rope has set up a line of 100 meters, and the future climbers who saved a wounded in the middle of the valley exhibited all their skills.

Turkey Mountaineering Federation 60 connected to the climber, 8 2 carried out gradually and last for years of mountaineering training camp in Uludag did. The 400 climber, who succeeded in completing the challenging and long-term training that started with the 60 person, demonstrated his knowledge and experience of 2 in a breathtaking exercise. The future climbers, who were mobilized for the injured in the middle of the valley, set up a line of 100 meters with the rope and reached the wounded. In the middle of the exercise in the middle of the line with a stretcher, the female climber made a vertical descent.

After a week-long exercise training program in Uludag, 60 Mountaineer will have certificates, said TKK Instructor Hüseyin Dönmezoğlu, 400 people started the difficult climbing trainings 2 years said. 4 4 8 10 stage in the winter at the last leg of the last leg of the camp in Uludag, emphasizing that they set up, "TKF'dan 60 trainer from every corner of the country with the XNUMX mountaineers, we set up camp in Uludag. After a week-long training, the climbers who have reached this stage will get their certificates. Bir

Fatma Sulun from the 100-meter line established in the middle of the valley, came from Ankara for training, said the exercise is exciting. Sülün noted that they experienced the happiness of the successful completion of the operation. 2 explained the happiness of achieving this difficult task by applying the information they learned throughout the year.

According to the script, Dilek İlhan from Istanbul, whose feet were broken and rescued by his teammates, said that he was excited to pull the meter off the stretcher, but felt no fear due to his confidence in his friends.

Canan Yurdakul from Ankara and Kenan Hazar from Sakarya who came from Sakarya will be among the certified mountaineers of the federation. He said that 2 is the difference between the current knowledge and skills and the mountains between the current knowledge and skills. We passed it. The important thing is to survive and save lives. In any case, we have completed our rock climbing search and rescue and first aid courses. We are experiencing great happiness. Bun

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