Lodos Uludag results in cancellation of cable cars

Lodos led to the cancellation of the Uludağ Teleferik flights: the ropeway services, which provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ, were canceled due to the lodos blowing at an hourly rate of 100.

The cable car flights, which are frequently preferred by local citizens and local foreign tourists due to easy access, were put on adverse weather conditions. The ropeway which was effective since last night was canceled with the arrival of 100 kilometers during the day. Authorities, previously in the wind blowing the speed of the 40 earlier said that the cabin is replaced by 80 even in the speed of the wind, while the adverse weather conditions with the relapse of the voyage will start again.


The capacity of the cable car, which also increased by about 12 floor, has now reached up to the Hotels Zone. Approximately 22 minutes of travel to the ski slopes, providing access to the cable car service prices were announced. In the first place, the running price tariff between Teferrüç and Sarıalan and 20 pounds, the price of the Hotel Zone is announced as 30 lira.

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