Scissor Transport Wagon was Manufactured at Ray Kaynak Factory

scissor carriage was manufactured in the rail welding factory
scissor carriage was manufactured in the rail welding factory

Scissor transport wagons were manufactured at the rail welding factory: At Ray Welding and Road Machinery Repair Factory in Behiçbey; Scissors factory scissors produced in a complete set of scissors, in order to put them in the region of Scissor Carriage Wagon (MTV) was designed and manufactured.

In the 2014 year, with the Scissor Transport Wagon manufactured as a prototype and still undergoing the testing process, the factory size settings of the scissors will be preserved as well as saving time.

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  1. MTV here only on the chassis should be made of hardware.

  2. specially equipped dormitory with "scissor transport wagon" manufactured in Solentek
    A towed wagon to be used in.
    is really projected?
    Why hasn't this wagon been affiliated?
    What will the institution use?
    If the job did not work or if the cost was high?
    Will it make more of a tudish or tulle?
    braking experience.
    Has the manufacturer been authorized to manufacture?
    is more serious.
    Have the certificate? .. guarantee and insurance must be made.
    Is the stage inspected by the rail element?