Kayseri Logistics Master Project

Kayseri Logistics Master Project: Kayseri Logistics Master Project was promoted by the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD) Kayseri Branch.

Speaking at the introductory meeting for the press members at the MÜSİAD Kayseri Branch, Branch President Nedim Olgunharputlu said that the project was prepared in order to reveal the current situation of the logistics sector in Kayseri, to determine the logistics strategies for Kayseri, to prepare an action plan for these strategies and to disclose the necessity of the Logistics Center. he said.

Olgunharputlu, the ORAN Development Agency proposed the project was supported by the agency was passed.
Emphasizing that Kayseri is an important trade and production center in the region and is at the heart of the center of Anatolia, Olgunharputlu stated that the logistic center investment comes to the fore in order to use this key feature.

Olgunharputlu, who draws attention to the fact that the importance of logistics villages is increasing day by day with developing trade, continued as follows:
“The Logistics Center is an important project in delivering the products produced in our city to the port in a faster, more reliable and more economical way. Kayseri Logistics Center will constitute the infrastructure for our domestic and foreign trade, that is, our development, with the competitive advantage to be provided. It will play an engine role in the development of our region. The Logistics Center is extremely important not only for our city but also for the surrounding provinces of our region. Foreign trade needs to be improved in order to increase the welfare of our country and city. If we want to reach the 2023 export targets, we should consider the logistics infrastructure required for this. " Emphasizing that they want to implement the project in order to contribute to the development of the city, Olgun Harputlu said, planning the necessary investments, improving the transportation infrastructure and ensuring cooperation between logistics stakeholders, increasing the competitiveness and development of the enterprises in Kayseri, supporting the regional economy, industry and trade by developing the logistics sector. He stated that it is aimed to increase Kayseri's market share in national and international transportation and to become an important center in Central Anatolia.

Expressing that the Logistics Master Project, which will be an important vision for Kayseri's economy, is of great importance as soon as possible, Olgunharputlu said that sector representatives and the public in order to reveal the current situation, determine logistics strategies, determine their functions, determine the road map and create an action plan. Stating that two workshops will be held with the officials of the institutions, the institution said, “The master plan to be created as a result of the workshops will make us see better in logistics.”

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