Logistics sector will reach 150 billion dollars

The logistics sector will reach 150 billion dollars: The economic size of the logistics sector, which has the highest potential after tourism, will reach 2015 and 120 billion dollars in 150. This year 83. Logistics, which has been determined as the main theme of İzmir International Fair (İEF) once prepared to open its doors, has made significant progress in the last 10 year. Izmir University of Economics Department of Logistics Management Assesment of the development in the sector Assoc. Dr. Zodiac ÖZÇAM Adıvar, Turkey's west world trade, noting that made the 40 percent, "Turkey's west where the 11 percent of the world population in Europe, east is where the 25 percent of world trade and the world's population so 61 of living in Asia is located at. Due to its geographical location which is like a transit center location, Turkey and Asia in terms of logistics and transport due to its strategic location as a bridge between Europe has significant potential. "He said.
İzmir has become one of the preferred cities with the solutions offered in the sense of logistics, Assoc. Dr. Adıvar, despite the decrease in the number of firms operating over the years, the increase in terms of turnover and percentage noted. 216 registered to Izmir Chamber of Commerce, the company's international transport, 241 mail and courier, thousand of the 326 internal transportation, 478 logistics and customs consultancy, 716 's tourism, travel agencies operating in the field that transfers Assoc. Dr. Adıvar, said: Uzak Considering the countries where export is made, it is seen that the priority is Western European countries, while it is also sent to North America, Far East and Middle East countries in seasonal transportation. Although these shipments are made with different transport modes, it is seen that the weighted feeding point of air cargo is Denizli and Manisa. The fact that İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is not the main terminal is also causing air cargo problems. Due to the fact that Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the main terminal, air carrier traffic is low in İzmir. In this context, it is important for İzmir airport to become the main terminal in air freight transportation in order to increase competition.



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