3.Airport, Channel Istanbul in Arnavutköy region increases property prices by 10

3.Airport, Kanal Istanbul Arnavutköy region, property prices have increased by 10: Real estate agents, who stated that real estate prices have made ceilings in Arnavutköy region, because of both the airport and Kanal Istanbul project, the land prices in Arnavutköy and surrounding areas have increased by 2 over the last 10 year.

Nizameddin Aşa, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and Consultants, said that the real estate prices in Arnavutköy have peaked, "Land prices have increased by 10 times in the past two years due to both the airport and the channel project."

Answering questions from the correspondent of the ANADOLU AGENCY, Aşa said that the increase in the dollar had a negative impact on real estate sales.

Asha said, “There is an expectation that the increase in prices will be reflected in these projects as well, and the increase in reflections on materials purchased in dollars in the construction of new and incomplete construction. Another factor is that the investor with the dollar will delay the purchase of real estate with the expectation that it may increase even more. ”

He stressed:

“Projects such as the 3rd Airport, 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel that are under construction add value to the residences in the city. As the route of the Kanal Istanbul project, Silivri was on the agenda in the first days and prices in this region have increased at least 4 times in the last 5-5 years. The prices, which were previously an average of 5 TL / square meter, are now at the levels of 50 - 60 TL / square meter. Land prices have increased up to 2 times in the last 10 years in Arnavutköy and its surroundings, which are likely to pass both the airport and the canal project, where more eastern parts were launched as the route of the channel. ”

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