Giant projects coming one after the other

Giant projects are coming one after another: The AK Party government, which was wanted to be prevented by the coup attempt of FETÖ, carried out many projects so far and took important steps in many projects.
Some of these projects are as follows:

  • Channel Istanbul: 15 will make a billion-dollar investment. 500 will be located on two sides of the channel in the form of a new city 250 bin + 250 bin or 200 bin + 300 bin of a thousand people.
    1. Airport: 3. Work on the construction of the airport continues. With the completion of the project, 150 will be built in the 4 terminal with a capacity of million passengers. The project costs 10.2 billion euros.
  • Çanakkale 1915 Bridge: 18 Mart will be the first excavation on the anniversary of the commemoration of the martyrs of Çanakkale. Lapseki district between Sekerkaya and Gelibolu district of Sütlüce.
  • 3 Grand Istanbul Tunnel: There are two lanes going on one floor of the tunnel, one going to the subway on the middle floor and two lanes under one direction.
  • TANAP Project: TANAP 10 is a billion dollar project that will transport Azeri gas to Europe. It will ensure Europe's energy security and contribute to the Turkish economy.
  • Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant: Turkey's first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be completed in 2020 construction for the project and is aimed at producing electricity in the first year 2022. The cost of the Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) to be established in Mersin Akkuyu is calculated as 20 billion dollars.
  • Sinop Nuclear Power Plant: In addition to Akkuyu, Sinop is planned to build a second nuclear power plant with $ 1 billion 22 by the Japanese.

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