Snow Shoe Training for UMKE Teams

Snow Sled Training for UMKE Teams: Snow sled training was given to the National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE) in Kars.

25 personnel were trained at Sarıkamış Ski Center for the use of snow sled. Some of the UMKE personnel, who made the first attempt to tour with snow sleds, which are easy to use but difficult to control, could not avoid falling. After a day's training, all 25 personnel learned how to use the snow sled. After the training, the teams took a souvenir photo.

Tahsin Ulu, Disaster Unit Officer at Kars Health Directorate, said that all UMKE personnel had been trained in 25 personnel who did not receive any snow engine training and said:

“As the snow sled UMKE team, we do not have any other cities. This profit engines in Turkey exists only in Kars Provincial Directorate of Health umke. In the trainings, it is taught how to use the vehicle and what kind of interventions can be made in mechanical failures. Because they will be alone with the snow bike on the way to the case. We teach what to do in such situations. "

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