Skiing Lovers Sledges

Ski Lovers' Point of View: In the town of Sarikamis after snowing about 6 for months and used to transport passengers during the month of the sleigh, recently became a favorite in the domestic and foreign tourists to the ski resort.

As the horse-drawn carriage in the summer months, the sleighs, which are the indispensable means of transportation and cargo transportation of citizens in the city center, are also used for sightseeing in Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

Located between the major ski resorts of Turkey from the ski Cibiltepe domestic and foreign tourists, outside the skiing is enjoying making profit with sleigh rides in the forest. The sled owners, which offer tourists the opportunity to stroll among the Scotch pine forests, both provide a pleasant time for ski lovers and contribute to family budgets.

The owner of the sleigh Mustafa Bulut, guests coming to the ski resort, riding a sleigh of their loved ones around the guests to experience this pleasure, as well as the pocket money said they had removed.

Ali Rıza Şahin, who came for a holiday from Istanbul, said that they had a very nice holiday in Sarıkamış.

In the meantime, to remove the thirst of the horses pulling snow to eat the interesting image created.


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