President Savaş made a statement about the delay in the construction of the Hatay Cable Car Line

85 Percent of Hatay Cable Car Project Completed
85 Percent of Hatay Cable Car Project Completed

HBB Assembly meeting held under the chairmanship of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality (HBB) President Lütfü Savaş included water prices and cable car construction works among the prominent issues.

AKP and MHP councilors made a motion to re-discuss the water prices determined in the past months before starting the discussion of the agenda items.

Commenting on the joint motion of the members, President Savaş stated that they plan to hold a meeting where the problems related to HATSU will be discussed and said, “We will hold an extraordinary meeting on HATSU on Monday, February 23, and discuss the problems, investments and planning of this institution in detail.” said.

In the meeting where the construction of the ropeway line, which will add beauty to the beauty of Hatay, came up, the municipal officials informed the members of the council about the current process of the project.

Speaking about the construction of the cable car line, Mayor Savaş stated that they wanted to exhibit the historical artifacts found in the lower station of the line, and said, “We have the cable car construction work, but the land to be built was given to the Municipality of Antakya. We want to build a museum for the sub station. We were a little late because we had some problems that were not caused by us. We want to put the cable car at the service of our citizens as soon as possible. " said.

While the collateral amounts of the workplaces in the Antakya, İskenderun, Dörtyol, Kırıkhan and Reyhanlı Hal Branches, which were referred to the Plan and Budget Commission at the January meeting were accepted by majority vote, the license fees of the work places referred to the Planning and Budget Commission and the commission report were evaluated. was referred to the relevant commission for re-discussion.

The meeting was finalized by the decision of the March meeting on 12 on Thursday at 13.00.

Günceleme: 27/11/2021 22:38

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