The worker who repaired the rails was under the train

The worker repairing the rails remained under the train: In the accident in Ankara Gar, the suburban train that made the Sincan - Kayaş expedition took the worker repairing the rails. The worker, who was seriously injured by being under the train, was hospitalized.

The incident occurred in Ankara's 16.40rd platform at around 3 yesterday evening. According to the information received, Mehmet P. (55) hit the suburban train numbered E23011, who made the Sincan-Kayaş expedition, approaching the garage while repairing the rails. The worker, who was seriously injured by the blow to his head, remained under the train.

When the surrounding citizens noticed, the situation was reported to the officers. However, according to the allegations, the first response to the injured worker was made by the citizens, since the garda did not have a first aid kit. When the citizens tried to stop the bleeding in the head of Mehmet P. by buffering, 112 teams were called to the scene. The injured worker, who was immediately intervened by the teams, was taken out from under the train and taken to the ambulance. The injured worker, whose treatment continued in the ambulance, was taken to Ankara Numune Hospital.

In the images recorded on his mobile phone, a citizen explained the moment of the event as follows: “The incident happened right here and dragged it there. There's an estimated 45-50 years of age. ”

The commuter train, who was involved in the accident after the wounded worker was removed, also moved from the scene to his normal voyage.

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