181 Million Credit to Izmit Tramway Project

📩 01/12/2018 16:01

181 Million Credit to Izmit Tramway Project: The Metropolitan Municipality held the 1st assembly of the December ordinary council meeting. The loan of 181 million from Iller Bank for the Tramway project, which was discussed last November, was unanimously accepted.
Metropolitan Municipality held the first assembly of the ordinary meeting of December in the fair at the Leyla Atakan Culture and Congress Center. The council was carried out by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. The most important issue on the agenda was the Iller Bank Loan to be used in the construction of Tramway line between Sekapark and Otogar. 181 million credit obtained from Iller Bank was accepted unanimously. Karaosmanoğlu announced his comments on the issue on the promotion day of 18 December Tram Project.
City and Industry
We are the industrial city of Kocaeli and also the Gulf Port which is a natural port. After we said we should develop ports for the development and development of the industry, the members of the CHP e The port and the city are intertwined, the CHP is said to be against the industry, but we are not against it. Do not give construction permits or harbor permits, atı he reacted to the work of the port. Against the reaction Karaosmanoğlu also “We missed this as a city. It has already entered into the industrial and inner city. Now every operator wants to make his own port. D-100 There is a traffic problem on the highway and we are working on this issue. There is a desire to enlarge the capacity of the Derince Port. We also want to enlarge the Port of Dilovasi. Thus more imports will be made, Böylece he said.
181 Million Lira to Receive Credits
The report on Iller Bank Loan to be used in the construction of Tramway line between Sekapark and Otogar was discussed unanimously. To be used in tram construction work, Iller Bank will receive a loan of 181 million TL. All kinds of income sources of the Municipality will be shown as collateral to Iller Bank. In the event that the payments related to the loan are not covered, the facility, construction and any real estate will be left mortgaged or pledged to Iller Bank. Karaosmanoğlu said, vay 18 will be held on Dec. Dec. 2015 about the tramway project. I prefer to talk about this issue there. Bu

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