Bridge Interchange Project on International Road in Erbaa

Bridge Junction Project on the International Road in Erbaa: A bridge intersection is planned to be built on the intersection on the International D-100 Highway, which caused many accidents in the Erbaa district of Tokat, with an investment of approximately 20 million TL.
Erbaa district of the International D-100 highway passing through the busiest intersections at the junction of Karayaka (Bus Station) due to intensities and accidents began work. President of the AK Party Tokat Zeyid Aslan, President of Tokat Provincial Assembly Adem Dizer with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Feridun Bilgin visited in Ankara, President Huseyin Yildirim, about 20 million TL will be costing the project by expressing that, i Intercity and city We visited our Ministry Undersecretary of Transportation and forwarded our requests to them in order to make arrangements at this intersection. We will accelerate the project work and we will overcome the problems at this point as soon as possible. General Directorate of Highways will carry out the arrangements related to the crossroads in the shortest time and we will eliminate the negativities experienced here. Kar
President Yıldırım also met with Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Numan visited Kurtulmuş. President Yıldırım, who had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmuş in order to provide financing for the renewal of the 30-year infrastructure in Erbaa, received a promise of financing for the works completed in the project drawing. Mayor Yıldırım stated that, with the delivery of the project, the construction tender will be held, “We will have the projects ready next month. As I stated in the past days, when we receive the projects, we will realize the construction tender without wasting any time. Starting from the streets where the natural gas and electricity infrastructure is finished, we will transform Erba into a city whose infrastructure has been completely renewed until 2017. Infrastructure service is a costly business, therefore our esteemed Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. We visited Numan Kurtulmuş. Our meeting was positive. As we have said before, we will accomplish this job with a pride, with the support of the government behind us. With this statement, the issue of financing has also been clarified. "I am happy to give the good news to my fellow countrymen that we will start working very soon."


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