A Metro 250 Bin

Cost for a Metro 250 Thousand Vehicles: It was reported that at least 250 thousand vehicles were prevented from coming to traffic thanks to the metro, which is the biggest savior of traffic in Istanbul.

With the 'Istanbul Traffic Authority' study, which was carried out to reveal the dimensions of the traffic congestion on the main arteries and the differences between periods, it is aimed to relieve the traffic of Istanbul, which is re-questioned, with the planned metro investments.

Considering the general transportation types, it is stated that the land transportation is in the first place. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, this order is followed by the rail system, the sea transport is the last place, he said.

Stating that the metro has the largest share among the rail transportation systems in Istanbul, Söylemez said, "With a rate of 14 percent, the metro is the most preferred rail system by Istanbul residents."

Underlining that it is extremely important to encourage citizens to use rail systems in Istanbul, where heavy traffic is dominant, Prof. Dr. He said the following on the subject:
“The fact that Istanbul traffic can be relieved considerably depends on the citizens' use of public transportation. However, many people go to the traffic with their own vehicles. According to the data obtained, metro and rail systems are used by 1 million 600 thousand people a day. This means that at least 250 thousand vehicles are prevented from entering the traffic thanks to the subways. The higher this number, the more relaxed the traffic in Istanbul. In addition, with the increase in the use of metro and rail systems, the fuel costs of cities are also reduced. Thus, the citizen gains both time and money. "

- The cost of the delay in traffic is large-

Reminding that the annual cost of traffic delay is approximately 6.5 billion TL, Prof. Dr. Söylemez emphasized that increasing the rates of metro usage in Istanbul will be the only solution for Istanbul traffic.

Pointing out that the subway and rail systems are used by 3 million 500 thousand people a day in London, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez stated that this figure is 4 million 500 thousand in Paris, while 8 million 700 people use subway and rail systems a day in Tokyo.

-İstanbul Metro Forum-

Pointing out that with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İbb), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Trade Twinning Association and Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies Association, an event will be held in Istanbul that will eliminate traffic from being a daily news. Dr. Söylemez said, “The Istanbul Metro Forum, which will be held in Istanbul on 9-10 April 2015, sheds light on the environmentally friendly, fast, disabled-friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments of Istanbul, which has now become a world city, while administrations, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and It will bring together other stakeholders on the subject, ”he said.



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