Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transfer Transport System Discussed

Transit Transportation System was Discussed in Izmir Metropolitan Council: The 7th ordinary council meeting of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was held in November. Discussions on the new transportation system marked the meeting, which was chaired by Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. In addition, the financial performance program of Eshot General Directorate for the year 2015 and the budget draft for the year 2005 were approved.

Speaking at the meeting, the AK Party councilors criticized the new transportation system and asked for the transfer system to be abandoned. Bilal Doğan, AK Party Group Vice President, told President Kocaoğlu, “Let's travel together by bus.” brought the proposal. Doğan said, “The new transfer application launched by the municipality with the slogan 'The knot is unraveling' has been a complete disappointment. Let the elderly and the disabled caused the reaction of even young people. Healthy transfer is not possible on the ferry and İZBAN. Those who want to see what I have said with their eyes, get on the bus between 17.30-19.00. People who come with full buses. you are trying to get on other buses. Mr. President, if you wish, we can make a city bus trip together. ” said.


Answering criticism about the new transportation system, Chairman Kocaoglu said, iril The transportation system is constantly growing. You're making the wrong calculations. The important thing is to shorten the tire wheel system. This has not been done to save fuel. Since Izmir is carrying the 30 of the day's passengers on the rail system. If we put the head of the TCDD on our heads without the support of the central government to increase the rail system, here we need to think of a little hand-held. We're gonna talk, but we're not going to make a mistake. Places without closed stops are areas where there are no stops. The number of busses, low-floor and air-conditioned buses is no longer available in Izmir. When we arrived here, 12 had one disabled vehicle, there was no air-conditioned vehicle. There was no air conditioning in the subway. Later, we increased the number of buses. At ESHOT, we took the decision, after which we will not take non-electric buses unless necessary. We will go directly to the electrical system. Doğrudan


Replying to the criticism of the transfer system, Kocaoğlu said, malı The transmission system will be developed and the deficiencies will be continued by eliminating the errors. Like every project, there will be childhood diseases, we also follow this continuously. Eshot has an annual loss of approximately 350-400 million TL. Why is it hurting? It acts as a public. Immediately before the election, the 65 age arrangement was made. Who pays for it? Who gives the disabled? Who makes the discount to the student? We sell tickets to 2 TL. Discounts, we get 95 cents when it's free. This is not what we have. Everyone is a victim. Istanbul and Ankara cannot take the system. This is the reality of transportation. Bu

After the negotiations, the financial performance of ESHOT in 2015 and the income and expenditure budget were approved by the votes of the members of the AK Party, CHP and MHP, as well as the Independent Assembly Member Yusuf Kenan Çakar.



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