Rail Systems Association Presentation and Opening Ceremony

Rail Systems Association Presentation and Opening Ceremony: The Publication and Opening Ceremony of the Rail Systems Association was held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Science of Karabük University.

Rail Systems Association Introduction and Opening Ceremony; Iron Steel Institute Director Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Göloğlu, Faculty of Engineering, Board Members of Rail Systems Association, Rail Systems Engineering students attended.

Rail Association General Secretary, Faculty of Engineering and Rail Systems Engineering Students Kazim Cloud: "Rail is an association founded to accelerate the academic and industrial development of our country in the systems area" The mission of the association, saying stated Vision and Purpose of.

Kemal Faruk Dogan, the chairman of the Board of the Rail Systems Association and a student in the Department of Railway Systems Engineering, said in his speech: Kurulu First of all, welcome. 2010 In Karabuk University, we started our education in this field. We have been involved in the development of this area. Today we are together in the foundation of the association, this will take a bigger step in the start. In all rail systems We aim to be useful to experts and students from different studies. "Saying Rail Systems of the Association's goals:" Rail to prepare projects for the establishment of research and application institutes, create agreements media between relevant institutions and organizations and to prepare study reports, rail systems areas related to Turkish sources and documents, enhancing be introduced to the public of the activities, knowledge transfer and to examine cooperation projects, rail systems sector development in order to be transformed into state policy of rail policy and committed to getting government grants, railway system that reads in part engineering and who want to work in this field to assist students in their internships and career plans, and to promote professional, cultural and social solidarity among the members of In order to ensure that the studies do. m

Rail Systems Board of Directors and President of the Association of Railway Systems Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering Student Kemal Faruk Dogan mentioning the Work Plans and Activities Board and the introduction of coordinators did. Di The railway is a sacred torch that illuminates a country with the lights of civilization and prosperity. Refah

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