Loan to Izmit Tram Project

Credit for İzmit Tram Project: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality pushed the button for the Tramway Project promised to the people of Izmit before the local elections of 30 Mart. 13 November Thursday will be held at the Metropolitan City Council meeting in November, the tram will be asked for authorization from the Parliament to get the Iller Bank for the project.

It was learned that the Metropolitan Municipality will request authorization from Iller Bank to borrow 181 million TL on Thursday. The proposal will most likely be sent to the Budget Commission, to be authorized at the December meeting. For approval of the loan from Iller Bank, approval of the Council of Ministers is also required.

Metropolitan Municipality officials said that the loan of 181 million from the Bank of Provinces will be of low interest rate and will be 10 year-term. It is likely that the construction of the tramway road will start between Seka Park and Bus Station. It is reported that the loan to be taken from Iller Bank will be taken as part of the construction proceedings as part of the progress, which will enable the construction to run as fast as possible.

Actually a fancy to Tramway Project for Izmit. It will be expensive, the city will suffer a lot during construction, and it won't work much after it is completed. But the local opposition has exploited the issue. Metropolitan stubbornly. Now the debt road construction will begin to borrow. The city center of Izmit is waiting for big problems that can last for years.




    1. a silly comment on the news. 50 in front of tram projects is a value for years. I read in Izmit. the line is the line with the most intense human flow. hence the return value of the city will increase as an indirect return.