A case is opened against 5 people about the collapsing YHT Station construction

A lawsuit was filed against 5 people related to the construction of the collapsed YHT Station: A lawsuit was filed against the civil engineers working in the TCDD related to the collapse of the High Speed ​​Train station in Sakarya, where 5 people were injured, and the construction contractor, subcontractor company official, site chief and occupational health specialist.

29 workers were injured as a result of the collapse of the molds during the pouring of the second floor ground part of the construction of the High Speed ​​Train Station building in Arifiye district on May 5. The investigation initiated by the prosecutor's office was completed upon the complaint of worker Ali İ. The indictment prepared by the prosecutor was accepted by the Sakarya 4th Criminal Court of First Instance.

In the indictment, it was stated that the wooden and metal posts installed under the floor during the pouring of the floor concrete collapsed by not carrying the weight of the concrete. In the indictment, where it was recorded that the complainant Ali İ., who performed the concrete pouring process on the collapsed part, fell from a height of 9 meters and was injured in a way that endangered his life, the complainant said that before starting to pour concrete, the staff of the mat supports could not bear the load, and when he came to the second stage, they should not pour it, he continued to pour that nothing will happen to him. that he continued to work upon telling him that he should. it was stated that he said that the accident occurred as a result.

Another worker injured in the accident said that the EU did not wear any hard hats at the time of the incident and that there was no protective material on their bodies.

The expert prepared a report on the incident in the project under the supervision of experts who know the modern mold system of modern table-type scaffoldings should be used, although it is determined that the use of the stressed. In the expert report, it was stated that the occupational health safety specialist did not prepare a health safety plan and that the occupational health safety expert did not make any evaluation about the mold despite the general risk assessment and it was determined that there was negligence.

According to the expert examination, the boiler, the newly poured mold of the weight on the mold is caused by the collapse of the collapse of the construction, scientific construction technologies are not implemented and the lack of necessary safety measures, employers, subcontractors, projectors and occupational health safety experts were responsible for the occurrence of the accident was recorded.

Nurullah Sayar, the lawyer of the complainant worker, stated that his client was injured because the necessary precautions were not taken in the construction area and that they complained about those responsible. In the indictment, the contractor AAB, the subcontractor company official MY, the deputy site chief BA, the occupational health and safety expert EB, the civil engineers responsible for construction control at TCDD AK and OCV were asked to be punished for 'causing injury by negligence'.



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