Pendiflex from Arthur Flury Company - 23 Points to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Pendulum

Pendiflex from Arthur Flury Company - 23 Points to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Pendulum: With 23 questions and answers, Getting to Know the Pendiflex Pandule
1. How does SHP4 pandule work?
SHP4 pendulum increases the flexibility of the whole system by meeting the force load where it is installed. This can be compared to the function of a Y wire, but is not restricted to its proximity to the console
2. SHP4 can provide solutions to situations.
The heavy points of wear of the contact wire (console, fixed point, feed, connection) are compensated by the spring force of SHP4. At some points on the site, the pantograph loses connection with the travel wire and damages the contact. SHP4 greatly reduces this effect. In some parts of the system, the standard pendulums can be broken due to excessive tension and SHP4 has a longer life.
3. Where and when does SHP4 cost-benefit?
SHP4 can replace the Y rope.
SHP4 can be used to reduce heavy wear on the navigation wire. Exit, fixed point, network line, connection).
SHP4 can be used where the pendants are broken.
Following applications can be discussed with engineers

  1. How to make an investment to finish the payment
    The average time frame required for repair is increased significantly with SHP4.
    Expense density system downtime and maintenance period have been reduced and system availability has been increased. SHP4 gives the investment for the purchase and installation.
  2. How reliable is the internal lubricity of SHP4.
    SHP4 EN50119 Tested according to the railway rule.
    SHP4 2 has passed the million cycle test (pantograph transitions) and 3 kN (300kg) tensile load test.
  3. Does ice occur on ice (internal humidity)?
    SHP4 is designed to prevent rain penetration. Concentrated moisture can escape from the inside.
  4. Are there any restrictions on the spring depending on the ambient temperature?
    The spring does not change according to the air change.

  5. What is the life expectancy from SHP4?
    2 million pantograph gates according to standard holders.

  6. SHP4 has a lot of lifting power.
    SHP4 can be adjusted according to the lifting power of the pantograph.

  7. SHP + how many kilos can carry.
    SHP4 is tailored to your every need and you can contact our engineers.

  8. Which materials are used in SHP4 construction, is it corrosion resistant?
    SHP4 is made of stainless steel and is compatible with Rohs.

  9. Is SHP4 Supply Current?
    Yeah. The current carrying capacity 10mm2 is equal to the standard pendulum.

  10. Is the non-feeding model present?
    Can be produced on demand.

  11. How long can SHP4 last? Is there any test report on this?
    Completed SHP4 EN50119 Tested according to the railway rule. If you would like to receive the test report, please contact us.

  12. Tested according to which rules.
    Tested according to the same criteria as the standard pendulums.
    Tests were carried out according to EN50119 railway rule

  13. Which belt wire sizes can be used with SHP4.
    Can be used with any connection cable with channel size 3-8,5mm.
    Copper iron alloy carrier cables with 25 - 150mm2 (6,5-16mm) can be supported.

  14. Is it possible to get a larger pendulum cable? (For example 16 mm2 or 25mm)
    Can be made on request.

  15. SHP4 can be equipped with third-party clamps.
    No. SHP4 was completed and tested with a spring pendulum system. It cannot be used with another third party product.

  16. Which conditions do I have to know in order to determine SHP4?
    Please fill in the pendulum specification form.

  17. How can I install SHP4 correctly?
    Please follow the installation manual step by step.

  18. How do I know that SHP4 is working correctly?
    The pendulum cable of SHP4 is not twisted in the pantograph section. Lifting is regulated by wire movements within SHP4. In addition any sparking can be reduced in the installation area.

  19. How is SHP4 dead?
    The pendulum cable of SHP4 is bent or broken in the pantograph section.

  20. SHP4 can be repaired or reconditioned?
    New one should be taken.

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