Ankara Fire Department Performed Rescue Exercises in Subway

Ankara Fire Department did the rescue drill in the subway: The teams of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department made rescue exercises in Kızılay-Ümtköy subway line.

During the night, the Kızılay-Ümitköy metro line took place at Beytepe station. firefighters, the emergence of passengers in the suburban fire safely to the surface of the earth and the intervention of the wounded revived the exercise. As a result of the scenario between two stops and the fire between the subway train crews to reach the foot of the energy cut from the rails and fire evacuation hoses intervenes in the area of ​​fire. The wounded are removed from the train and taken to the stretcher after the wounded fire crews taken to the earth is removed from the earth. As a result of the scenario, smoke was given to the location of the metro train and ventilation was carried out and the smoke was evacuated.

1 did not search for the fact that the application lasted for hours. During the exercise, the smoke given by the scenario, a fire in the subway that some people think that the police called the police notified. Celil Sipahi, head of the Fire Department, and other officials followed the exercise.

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