From Statue to Tram Station

From Sculpture to the Terminal by Tram: Though… The bus stops in front of the City Square have been determined as the main station for the Silkworm, which will reach the Terminal from Yalova Road, but this line will also integrate with the T1 line, which is still running on the Sculpture-City Square ring.
The tram line will be connected to the existing station from the main station in front of the City Square.
Those arriving at the terminal will be able to go directly to the Statue at certain hours. Similarly, Sculpture will also be accessible to Terminal and Demirtas.
Those who do not want to wait for the time directly will continue with the transfer.

Construction started at -BUTTİM Junction-

There is an 5 bridge on the route of the line which will take the Silkworm tram to Yalova Road. Some of these bridges require improvement due to the tram, while others require a new bridge junction.
One of them is at BUTTIM and the other at Panayır.
The construction of the bridge interchanged in front of BUTTIM was planned according to the passage of the tram. In a sense, the construction of the tram line on Yalova Road started with the BUTTİM Bridge Interchange.

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