Tram line work in Konya

Tram line works in Konya suffer students: Students are victimized by the fact that the trams do not work due to the works carried out on the tram line by the Metropolitan Municipality in the Selçuk University Campus.

The tram line within the campus of Selcuk University was used as a tram parking area. Students who reported their grievances on this matter “Our faculties are far from the entrance of the university. We wonder why they did not do such a study during the holiday period when the students were not there. Böyle


Neriman Castle, Selçuk University Student, talking about the use of the tram line as a parking space, tram I'm studying law school. From the university entrance, walking from faculty takes my 30 minutes. Buses are going on in the campus, but no information has been given about where it went. The weather has cooled down along with our victimization. Authorities must solve this problem as soon as possible Yet.


Burak Akca, a student at the Selcuk University, said that he had received information from the university authorities on the subject and that the issue was entirely related to the municipality. I can't figure out why he did such a study without taking into account the weather. Bus services instead of tram services are insufficient. Not enough to meet the intensity of the student, u he said.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality officials said in a statement about the subject, Üniversitesi Konya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems in the park of the trams are parked in the new parking space arrangement is made because of some of the trams in the area of ​​the entrance of the Selcuk University Alaeddin Keykubat Campus temporarily parked. Therefore, transportation within the campus is provided by buses. The parking arrangement is planned to be completed in November Park.

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