Safe, wanted an indoor ski slope in Erzurum

Safer wanted Erzuruma indoor ski run: Erzurum Non-Governmental Organizations Platform (ESTP) President Mustafa Güven said that a more developed indoor ski center in Dubai could be established in Erzurum. Safe "While you can ski in the desert heat of 50 degrees Celsius in Dubai, why shouldn't it be possible to ski in Erzurum at any time of the year?" said.

ESTP President Güven offered an "indoor ski center" to the Ski Federation. Emphasizing that the indoor ski center in Dubai is a unique model for Erzurum, Güven said, “In Dubai, there is a ski center that operates at full capacity 50 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a temperature of 24 degrees in the middle of the city. This job was done with a 400 meter long tube. Working with huge cooling systems in desert temperatures, this ski center is flooded by ski lovers from all over the world every day of the year. transferred his knowledge.

Stating that Erzurum is a city established on the outskirts of Palandöken, Güven said, drawing attention to the distance between Palandöken and the city center and continued: “If we really want to activate this potential, our suggestion is closed to the most appropriate point that can be determined by experts in Palandöken. It is towards the establishment of a ski center. Moreover, we do not need to have to make a tube and sew it into the air. There is already a natural slope in Palandöken, it is our duty to cover the most suitable point and build a modern facility there. "

Emphasizing that there has been a lack of snow in Erzurum in recent years, ESTP President said, “In addition to the periods when there is no snow, it is known that there are tourists who come to Erzurum without skiing due to storm and wind even if it snows. Now, in such a situation, a modern ski center that can be built no less than 800 meters in length means skiing 365 hours a day, 24 days a year in Erzurum. Whether it snows or not, whether there is a storm or a wind, it means skiing at any time. " gave his statement.

Stating that the ski center in Dubai is not only a place for skiing, but also has a wide range of social facilities, Güven said, “There are also glacial animals such as penguins and seals in terms of contributing to tourism in the facility. We can equip such a facility that is possible to be built in Erzurum with much more diverse alternatives. " said.

The cost of a modern facility to be established in Erzurum in this direction is much lower than the investment cost of the facilities established for the UNIVERSITY, but the value added will be very large. Safe, if the hotels in Palandöken are attracted, the contribution of winter tourism to Erzurum will be In addition, the contribution will be even on the floor.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:40

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