Transportation in Eskişehir was transferred to ESTRAM

Transportation in Eskişehir was transferred to ESTRAM: The first meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen's decision to transfer authority to the private company by transferring to the president was accepted unanimously.

The commission report on the transfer of transport services to ESTRAM, which was discussed in parliament last month and referred to the Joint Plan of Transportation and Transport, was adopted unanimously. As a result of the research conducted in other metropolitan municipalities, transportation was transferred to private institutions and the need was met. With the unanimous decision, the transportation services were transferred to ESTRAM A.Ş. In order for the private public buses not to be victimized, the decision will be made after the contract between the private public buses and ESTRAM as of the date of 10. After the commission report, AK Party councilor Ahmet Yapici said that the transportation in Eskisehir was a decision that changed the medium and that it was the most important item to the parliament to date. Constructor stated that this decision changed the transportation system completely Yap Until now, the municipality provided the transportation system. After this time, he is transferred to the company. There is public pressure in some places. You can not do because of this pressure in the municipality works. But when it is transferred to the company, the ropes are in the hands of the president, but the authority is now in the company. So there is a very serious change. Create a new structure. This structure will also include districts. Bu

Expressing that this decision is true and thank the Ak Parti'lilere Odunpazarı Mayor Kazim Kurt said tır Our Presidency has taken a step to reduce the transportation problem, I believe that the presidency will solve the traffic problem. Ak he said.

Yılmaz Büyükerşen said in his speech on the subject: karar For the first time a common decision has been made on a subject related to transportation, I hope that we will succeed. Ş

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