40 billion dollar savings plan ready to privatize railways

40 billion dollar savings plan ready to privatize railways: The government is taking steps to increase savings with the Medium Term Program. 3 is expected to save $ 1 billion more in the coming 40 year

The ratio of savings to GDP fell to 12 percent in Turkey, the government is taking steps to increase savings. Within the scope of the Medium Term Program (MTP), the ratio of savings to national income is expected to gradually increase to 17,1 percent. When it is calculated that the national income is around 800 billion dollars, it is foreseen to save approximately 3 billion dollars in the next 40 years. An additional 2.1 million people are expected to be employed outside of agriculture during the program period. In this period, it is estimated that the total employment increase will be 1.7 million people due to the expected decrease in agricultural employment.

Under the three-year program, bureaucratic and legal processes for investors and businesses will be improved and legislation will be updated according to international standards and best practices. In order to ensure sufficient land production for investors to allocate suitable investment sites, the inventory of the land suitable for investment, in particular the treasury lands, will be extracted and the allocation processes will be activated. Within the scope of the program, which will start a new period in public procurement, drug, medical device and treatment expenses will be rationalized in order to prevent unnecessary use without compromising the quality of health services. Domestic procurement products will be preferred in domestic procurement.

The restructuring of TCDD is also expected to be completed during the three-year program period, in which privatizations will continue. Railway freight and passenger transport will be opened to private railway enterprises. TCDD's financial burden on the public will be reduced to a sustainable level. TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ will be restructured to meet the market expectations created as a result of the legal regulations made in the railway sector.

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