Stones are falling from Sirkeci Station

Stones are falling from Sirkeci Station: After the suburban line is closed, the historical Sirkeci Station, which is wondering what will happen, is falling. Stones fall from the clock towers on the front of the station. As a precaution, it is surrounded by tarpaulins. TCDD Sirkeci Station official said, "The restoration is currently at the tender stage, no intervention can be made before it is concluded."

II. The historical Sirkeci Station, which was built on the European side of Istanbul during the reign of Abdülhamit, and whose fate is widely discussed with Haydarpaşa Train Station, is falling apart. Stones fall from the clock towers on both sides of the central beam of the building. At the moment, the said places of the station where there is no work are waiting, surrounded by tarpaulins. At the same time, no intervention can be made for the historical building, which also spreads danger. It is not clear when the tender for the building, which has the status of registered building, will take place.


When we wanted to get information from the relevant gar manager, we encountered the reaction of his secretary. Secretary; he argued that there had not been a falling stone, merely tarnished the environment for a long time in order to prevent it. When we say that we photographed the falling stones, ızı Why did you photograph it? There was no need to do such a thing! Böyle he reacted.

The Sirkeci Railway Station official said: aş At the moment of the tender, the tender is expected to be finalized and the historic building cannot be intervened. Inden


The foundation of Sirkeci Train Station was laid on February 11, 1888. Sultan II. Sirkeci Station, built by the German architect and engineer August Jasmund, who was the consultant architect of the palace, was opened with a magnificent ceremony on 3 November 1890. Sirkeci Station, where trains carrying people from Istanbul to the West leave, has undergone some minor restorations throughout its history. TCDD announced in 2011 that the station will be restored. However, no further attempt was made for restoration after that date.
According to the plan prepared by IMM, 20 thousand square meters of the station, which has an area of ​​8 thousand square meters, was arranged as cultural facility area and 12 thousand square meters as tourism cultural facilities area. The station is planned to be opened as a hotel. It is claimed that the restoration tender could not be made for this reason, and it is on the agenda that the station should be awarded to the company that bought the station using the "restore-operate-transfer" method.

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