Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites Invitations

Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites Accidents: Harmancık-Orhaneli-Bursa roadway to the new asphalt accidents on the road.
Three weeks before the road to Orhaneli-Bursa, a special company working under the control of highways was poured by asphalt. Crumbs that do not fit on the base of a kind of vehicles passing through the asphalt as it passes away. Crashes on the hoods and windows of the vehicles cause an accident almost every day. So far it has been learned that dozens of vehicles have broken glass.
The drivers claimed that the asphalt that was spilled had failed, and that the pitch was insufficient. While most of the road is not covered on the old asphalt, now the road lines are drawn on the pebbles by another company. Citizens are worried that there will be sad accidents in the heavy traffic during the holidays.



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