Fast trains stop in Izmit

High speed trains that do not stop in Izmit: I do not like to repeat very often. But unfortunately our city is derelict. There is no one defending the rights of the people of this city.

However, this city has given great support to the political cadres running our country and our city since 2002. He gave them authority, power. But they are extremely incapable of protecting and defending the rights of this city and the people of this city.

As it is known, high-speed train services started between Istanbul and Ankara. It works pretty well. People who will go to Izmit from Ankara to Eskisehir can travel very comfortably at very reasonable prices. Soon, even from Izmit to Konya by High Speed ​​Train.

See, the high-speed train between Istanbul-Adapazari commuter train was promised to work. I do not need to remind the political authorities of our province. Because it's hard work. It's way beyond ours.

But when the High Speed ​​Train started to work on the Istanbul-Ankara line, I did it on these columns. There are 7 high speed train flights between Istanbul and Ankara. From Izmit to Istanbul, there is a High Speed ​​Train at 11.52, 14.55, 17.40, 20.42. From Izmit to Ankara, the train departs at 08.24, 11.26, 14.14 and 16.54.

In other words, 7 from the 5 train heading towards Ankara, 7 from the 5 train heading to Istanbul stands at Izmit station, picking up passengers and taking them down.

There is a YHT departing from Ankara at 06.00 in the morning and passing through Izmit around 08.00. Does not stop in Izmit. There is also the last train leaving Ankara from 19.00 in the evening. This train also travels to Izmit at 21.00.

The first train leaving Istanbul from 06.15 in the morning passes through Izmit during 07.00. Again, the last train departing from Istanbul at 19.10 is going to stop at Izmit station around 20.00. The first and last trains this morning are much more important than the 5 train during the day. Universities opened. There are students from Izmit to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Izmit. The first train in the morning for going to school, the last train in the evening for returning home is very important. All YHTs between Istanbul and Ankara are located in Eskişehir. But the 14 expedition 10 stands in Izmit.

Currently, there is still work on the TEM highway between Istanbul and Izmit. Road transport is expensive, difficult and risky. The train runs through our city, our station, but it doesn't stop. They didn't manage to fly, we shut down our airport. Our province suffered the biggest ordeal in YHT road construction. But most importantly, the most necessary trains for these people do not stop in Izmit.

This city has chosen, very strong people. Do you call the General Manager of FDI, the Minister of Transport? .. If he is not with them, do you ask Prime Minister Davutoğlu or President Erdoğan? But it's a shame. It is a shame that 4, one of the trains running between Istanbul and Ankara and passing through Izmit, does not stop in this city during the most necessary hours.

This shame belongs not to the people of this city, but to the AKP officials whom the people of this city vote and choose “Protect my right”.




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