Safe Bicycle Routes Practice Guide and Vision Development Workshop Held in Istanbul

Safe Bike Routes Practice Guide and Vision Development Workshop Held in Istanbul: Safe cycling routes for people-oriented cities and solutions were discussed with the participation of local and foreign experts.

EMBARQ Turkey; 15 September 2014 Organized the Vision Development Workshop on Safe Bike Routes Implementation Guide in Istanbul on Monday.

Emphasizing the importance of urban transportation bicycles context of sustainable transportation, to be integrated into the bike's transport system, the creation of safe bicycle paths infrastructure in our city came under the influence of private vehicle traffic to draw attention to the necessity in order EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transport Association, "Safe Bicycle Roads in Istanbul Implementation Guide Project" Organized the Vision Development Workshop. EMBARQ Turkey by the Association for Sustainable Transportation, prepared by the Istanbul Development Agency Direct Operating Support "Safe Bicycle Roads Implementation Guide in Istanbul" and evaluating the existing bike path study aims to contribute to the improvement of local governments.

Interest in the workshop, which was integrated into transportation systems and emphasized road safety, was discussed. Safe Bicycle Routes Application Guide in Istanbul Vision Development Workshop; UKOME, IETT, ISPARK, CBS etc. from the Ministry of Development and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. many different institutions, especially the one, participated. Besides; Bolu Municipality, Edirne Municipality, Kadıköy In the workshop, which has approximately 50 participants from the municipality, universities and non-governmental cyclists; OECD - Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, CONSIA Consulting, which provides consultancy on road safety inspections from Denmark, EVONIK, manufacturer of safe road markers from Germany, Center for Budapest Transport BKK (Budapest Transportation Center), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Directorate (UKOME), Ministry of Health Public Health Agency, and EMBARQ Turkey - Sustainable Transport Association of expert speakers took place.

The workshop began with EMBARQ Turkey Project Coordinator Judy Buns Öztaş opening speech. Various presentations were made at the workshop where experts from abroad participated. Philippe Crist, referring to the need to support the bicycle as a means of transportation; he explained the economic and political aspects of bicycle use in OECD countries. Ceyhan Vardar from the Ministry of Health - Public Health Institution; stressed the importance of cycling for mobility in the presentation of adverse effects of physical inactivity and related diseases. Carsten Wass from Danish CONSIA Consulting; Turkey spoke on how to make the city safer by examining samples of the pathways that bike. "Car parking problem where it is another big problem in Turkey is the lack of bicycle parking areas." He said.

“Color contrast on the roads can bring flow and safety to transportation.”

Marisa Cruz from EVONIK; Road coloration for road safety and traffic solutions could be an important solution. He emphasized that colors in traffic can save lives. The workshop continued with the presentations of Halime Tekin from UKKER, Peter Dalos, BKK Center for Budapest Transport. 3 was created after the presentations. The focus on safe bike transport, bicycle use focus group topics, the economic, social, environmental and public health effects of the bike.

Istanbul Development Agency, supported by the "Safe Bicycle Roads Implementation Guide in Istanbul," the content prepared this publication the project Istanbul is being reflecting Development Agency and the Ministry of Development's views, the sole responsibility for the content EMBARQ Turkey belongs in the Sustainable Transport Association.

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