Workers who could not get their salaries in the construction of the high-speed train took the vehicles hostage

Workers who could not get their salaries in the construction of High-Speed ​​Train took the cars hostage: Workers working in the tunnel construction of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line, 3 quit their job claiming that they could not get their salaries for months. Workers on the construction site, suggesting that the workers will be hijacked, took the hostage by seizing the keys of the vehicles. Gendarmerie while taking measures at the construction site, the company official, unlawful way to leave the workers said they gave work, he said.

Nearly 30 workers working in the tunnel construction in the Geyve section of the High Speed ​​Train line in Sakarya have left their jobs, claiming that they could not receive their salaries at the site where they had been working for 3 months. The workers, who claimed that the company they worked with wanted to miss the construction equipment on the construction site, took the vehicles as hostages by stating that they would not allow the removal of the construction equipment before their money was paid. Company officials asked for help from the gendarmerie on tension. The workers, whom the gendarme came to the construction site, handed over the keys of the vehicles. The workers, who stated that they would not leave the construction site until their salaries were paid, do not allow the vehicles to be removed by keeping watch.

Murat Dur, one of the workers, said they made the tunnel excavation of the high speed train line. Stating that they are working in the subcontractor firm, Dur claimed that they had been working for 3 months but could not get a penny salary. Stop claiming that their money was not given; “We want our salary. They called the gendarmes. They're trying to get us off the job site. They don't give our money. If they give our money, we are not keen on staying here. They pack up the construction site. They want to take their construction equipment. We do not want to send the construction equipment without paying our money. So many men have labor. Everyone is a victim. There is little time left for the feast. Nobody could send money to his family. If necessary, we want to call our right through the state. Let the government officials see the worker's agony here. Let them see the working conditions. It is not easy to work in this dust soil. We work for months. We haven't received any salary yet, ”he said.

The worker named Mehmet Ağaç also claimed that they had been working for 3 months but could not receive a salary. Noting that they are in a very difficult situation, Ağaç said: “We cannot see the needs of our house. We cannot pay our debts. Most of our friends are indebted. There are those who rent a house and credit card. We want our right. You get a check. Let the state do something. I came from Şanlıurfa. I have no money to return. They don't have five cents to go home in the pocket of friends. They're trying to get us out. They threaten not to eat. Most of the friends are fasting. ”

The official of the company, who did not want to disclose his name, claimed that the workers had 39 days to get it. The company official who claims that workers have not been employed since 9 July; “Payment will be made before going on holidays,” was said. They did not work. Our work has stopped. They collected the keys of the machines. When the gendarmerie came, they returned it. We record their absence from work. We defended the company in the form of "we gave their output."

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