Unknown Facts About High Speed ​​Train Line Construction

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Line Route Map
Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Line Route Map

High Speed ​​Rail Line Construction: There is no single standard definition for high speed rail concept. The definition of high speed varies according to some criteria due to its complex structure. In order to avoid noise problems in areas where population density is high, the speed of 110 km / h with high speed lines and special tunnel and long bridges
For some reasons related to capacity and safety, 160 or 180 is limited to km / h.

  1. In terms of infrastructure
    In terms of infrastructure, the definition of high-speed railroad covers many concepts. If the infrastructure of the line,
    In all or at least a large part, it is defined as ise High Speed ​​Line X if it is newly built to allow trains to be operated at speeds of 250 km / h and above. Available to transport up to 200 km / h again
    the use of narrow track or other special reasons
    depending on speed limits, these lines are considered as bu High Speed ​​Line bağlı.
  2. In Terms of Pulling and Pulling Vehicles
    Tertibat High Speed ​​Train Hızlı is a fixed-use vehicle with a maximum speed of at least 250 km / h
    This is a series of motor and wagon sets. Train types operating at lower speeds (200 km / h) but also high-quality services, such as those with tilted body under certain conditions, can also be used as high-speed trains.
  3. Operating Systems
    For this definition, which varies according to railway management, 4 has a separate case.
    • Fastest train operation in the most classical system, high speed trains on their lines, conventional trains on their lines
    works. This is the case for JR East, JR Central and JR West Shinkansen lines in Japan.
    • Only high-speed trains operate on high-speed train lines. On conventional lines both conventional trains
    high-speed trains operate at conventional train speeds. In France, the lines operated by SNCF are so.
    • Conventional lines only operate on conventional trains. High-speed trains for conventional high-speed trains
    Trains can work together. However, as conventional trains run at lower speeds, the capacity decreases. This is the way that RENFE operates in Spain.
    • Conventional and high-speed trains can work together on the same lines. This is the case in Germany and Italy. Germany
    (DB AG) and Italy (Trenitalia) Railways plan all trains by taking into account the high speed train traffic.

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