Izmir gets ravaged by tram line

Izmir will be devastated by the tram line: Burhan Özfatura, the former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the Metropolitan had prepared a report on the Üçkuyular-Halkapınar Tram line, and said, "This project is a betrayal to Izmir."

Former Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Burhan Özfatura argued that İzmir will be devastated by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Üçkuyular-Halkapınar Tram line. Özfatura said, "This project is one of the biggest betrayals to be made to İzmir". Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu was appointed to the Ministry of Transport in December, Kordon and KarşıyakaBinali Yıldırım, the former Minister of Transport, said that he applied to build a tram from the coast and asked for approval, and said he had concerns about this project. While Yıldırım is making these words, the former President of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. A harsh exit came from Burhan Özfatura. Stating that İzmir will be devastated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Üçkuyular-Halkapınar Tram line, Özfatura said, “I had the technical staff prepared a report on the subject. This project is one of the biggest betrayals to be made to Izmir ”. With the line, all the trees, greenery and parking lots on the coastal boulevard will disappear, there will be congestion in the traffic, and some squares will disappear, Özfatura noted that they built the pavements on the sea side, but the line went from the land side, warning that there would be great losses for Izmir.

Some of the points Özfatura objected to
Üçkuyular-Halkapınar tram route, which will be built along a 13-kilometer line, is planned to be commissioned in 2013 and the route project has been approved. Among the objections Özfatura has collected under 26 headings, the main ones are listed as follows:

1 - More than a thousand cars will be eliminated along the tram line. The car parked on the roadside and the regular car parks on the side of Şehit Nevres Boulevard were not included in this number. Also, the park arrangement and green areas in this area will be eliminated.

2- Many trees will be cut in the Güzelyalı area.

3- In Konak Square, the tram line will not pass in front of Yeni Karamürsel, and since it cannot pass through the traffic underpass in Konak Square, it will pass under the viaduct that reaches Varyant from the land part of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard and head towards the inner part of Konak Square. It will pass over the pools that symbolize the old state of the coast. With this transition, the pool located here will disappear.

4- Again with this transition, the car parks under the viaduct and on the edge will be removed. Therefore, after passing through Konak Square, the tram line will be located in front of Konak Vapur Pier. With this transition, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard will be cut vertically. This crossing will make traffic difficult.

5- The line that will go to Konak Pier in front of Konak Ferry Port will eliminate the pedestrian promenade and the green texture located on the coast of Konak, where the residents of Izmir visit on holidays. The line coming in front of Konak Pier will cause the narrowing of the transportation lines that are only wide enough for the traffic of this place.

6- In order to reach the height that will pass under the pedestrian crossing made of iron in front of Konak Pier, the tram line will go to the First Kordon from here. With this exit, the return from the First Kordon to Cumhuriyet Boulevard will be eliminated and a new traffic problem and congestion will arise.

7- The tram line, which will run from the First Kordon to Gazi Boulevard, will not only eliminate the roadside car parks in this section, but also create a situation that will close this section to traffic.

8- The tram line reaching Gazi Boulevard from Kordon will eliminate the left traffic axis of this boulevard compared to the shore and the road will be squeezed to the right.

9- The tram tracks, which will return to Şehit Fethi Bey Street in front of Gazi Boulevard with a 30-meter radius, will cover a wide area and this area will be closed to traffic due to the tram that will pass every 3 minutes.

10- The line of the two traffic axes of Cumhuriyet Square going to Konak direction will be allocated to the tram. As a result, Cumhuriyet Square will shrink. The project was approved by the municipality without obtaining the opinion of the Conservation Board for the narrowing of this square, which is a protected area.

11- The line from Şehit Nevres Boulevard to Montreux Square will eliminate the function of the square and the square will disappear, the middle pool will be removed. Hundreds of mulberry trees will be cut in the middle median of Şair Eşref Boulevard, which goes from Lausanne Square to Vahap Özaltay Square in front of Tekel.

When the Alsancak Station is opened, there will be major traffic problems on the road that cannot be expanded due to the registered structures.

Cakmur also criticized
Yüksel Çakmur, one of the former mayors of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, stated that he found it wrong to open such a debate two weeks before the elections and criticized both Burhan Özfatura and Aziz Kocaoğlu. Çakmur said, “The mayor who came after me has no right to speak on this matter. KarşıyakaHe tore the tram line that I will start in. He disrupted the subway and delayed it for two years, and instead of the tram, he made a fish market in Buca, which has no sea. Now these are discussing what. "He counts people so irrational and irrational." At the end of 1993, they made the subway tender as a gift in the contract. KarşıyakaÇakmur said that it was decided that a tram line would be built for Turkey and said, “I don't know where Binali Bey was serving at that time, but those who kept the tram project on the dusty shelves now are now overflowing with the tram. They are disrespectful to the people of Izmir. A person who says that Izmir should forget about the subway tries to give his mind about the tram ”.

Saying that the transportation master plan made in 1994 has been kept on dusty shelves for 17 years, Çakmur directed the criticism arrows to Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and said, “The metro should have been in Üçkuyular already. Buca, Bornova and Güzelbahçe connections should have ended. They have not been able to go to Üçkuyular for 20 years, ”he said.

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