Konak Tunnels hurt many homes

The promise of election Konak Tunnels damaged many houses: Konak Tunnels, which will join Yeşildere and Konak Square, are among the “35 İzmir 35 Projects” promised by the AK Party to win the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it has become a tunnel of fear. Many people living in the area where the tunnel construction took place and whose houses were damaged during the works had to move. Those who have cracks in their homes say that they cannot sleep out of fear at night.
Konak Tunnels, one of the 35 projects announced by the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binalı Yıldırım, during his candidacy for the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, displaced many people living in the region from their homes. After Damlacık Neighborhood, Selçuk Mahallesi residents also became victims of tunnels. Three apartments with a total of 636 flats on 37 Sokak were evacuated. There were deep cracks in the ground and lower floors of Güngöster Apartment, which has 27 flats on the same street. According to the information given by the owners, the General Directorate of Highways teams went to the houses where the cracks occurred two or three times in different time periods after the complaints of the apartment residents and covered them with plaster. Kıymet Kevek, mother of two children living on the ground floor of Güngöster Apartment, said that cracks formed in the walls of her house due to the passing of Konak Tunnels underneath. Stating that they don't know what to do, Kevek said, “They don't tell us anything. Highways teams come and close the cracks in the walls upon our notice. The walls of my house are like patchwork. " said. Explaining that in addition to the cracks, the windows have become inoperable and that he kept the entrance door of the house open during the day for fear of collapse, he said, “There are noises until the morning. I have two children, frankly we are afraid. " said.
Accountant Ali İsmet Gölcük said that there were cracks in Gölcük, that he bought his house on loan and that he had 54 more installments to pay. Stating that 37 houses were evacuated in the street he lives in and 27 houses in their own apartments, he said, “There are cracks in our building, but no one has ever said 'get out' to us, but I cannot sit comfortably thinking that something will happen in my house at any moment. I just bought my house, I have 54 installments to pay, I don't know what to do. " he spoke. Gölcük also said that the building they were sitting in was said to be intact, but that the cracks were in the middle. His wife, Şükran Gölcük, said to her first of all, "If you are afraid, you can leave your houses." He said that Noting that they submitted four petitions to the Highways that built the tunnel, but they could not get an answer, Gölcük said, “They were temporarily renting until the tunnel was finished. We said we should leave our house because we were afraid, but we did not get any results from the petitions. Frankly, we are afraid, it is dangerous. We cannot sleep at night. There was a passing noise, even those on the 4th floor heard it. We told people coming from the Highways, they said to us, "Don't panic." they said. " He spoke in the form.

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