Latest status on the third bridge (Photo Gallery)

Last situation on the third bridge: IC İçtaş - 3 to be built on the Bosphorus within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project to be built by Astaldi JV. The construction of the bridge continues rapidly. While the towers of the bridge are now becoming more evident, the tunnel and excavation works related to the connection roads are continuing rapidly.
Another construction phase was completed last week at the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, in which a large number of cases were filed. General Directorate of Highways reported that the basic shaft excavations and foundations of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge have been completed.
3 while work is in progress. The towers of the bridge are also rising 2 meters per day. One of the towers will be 322 and the other will be the 318 meter. The 8 lane road and the 2 lane will pass through the Bosphorus Bridge at the same level.
The 2013rd Bosphorus Bridge, the construction of which started in 2015 and is expected to be completed in 3, is located in the Odayeri - Paşaköy part of the North Marmara Motorway project.
The project including the construction of the project with the investment cost of 4.5 billion TL will be made by IC İçtaş - Astaldi JV for the 10 year 2 month 20 year and will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport at the end of this period. 3. The concept design of the bridge was made jointly by the construction engineer Michel Virlogeux and the Swiss company T-Engineering.
While 12 underpass and 9 underpass and 3 overpass are being manufactured in the project, reinforced concrete productions, towers and anchorage areas continue to be produced, while the 20 vent and Riva and Çamlık tunnels are continuing. In addition, Riva entrance, Çamlık exit portals are completed, tunnel excavation work continues
The third bridge road, with about 30 cases, was merged with TEM at the beginning of February.

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