Putin turns Siberia on highways

Putin turns Siberia on highways: Russian leader Putin laid the foundation for the construction of the second stage of the highway between Western Siberia and the Far East
Russian President Vladimir Putin laid the foundation of the construction of the Baykal-Amur highway (BAM-2). After completion of construction, the number of vehicles using the existing road is expected to double. The total value of the project is estimated to exceed 560 billion rubles.
Putin made a speech at the opening ceremony of the 90'ın 18 last century XNUMX for the construction of more than 1 billion rubles for the construction of the BAM highway reminded the project's counterparts made a reminder. The experts of the time had harshly criticized the investment in the infrastructure, which did not contribute economically and where only a few people resided.
Putin, Western Siberia and the Far East in terms of the development of the BAM highway is of great importance and modernization decision was taken. The construction of the BAM-2 auto road was announced by the National Fund. After the completion of the project, it is suggested that the Russian industry will receive additional orders of 150 billion rubles and the freight transport will increase by more than 200 million tons.

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