The overflowing water of the stream collapsed the highway

The overflowing water of the stream smashed the highway: the rains in Rize were effective for two days and the next Kalkandere Creek overflowed. As a result of overflowing a part of the highway collapsed.
The rains in Rize have been effective for more than two days. As a result of the overrun of the Kalkandere Stream in the town of Kalkandere, a part of the highway, where transportation to the district was ensured, occurred. Citizens, road vehicles before the road until the road ahead of the crashing road to avoid a possible crash put the reflector, warned the drivers to go slow.
Süleyman Reisoğlu citizen, yesterday, as of yesterday, approximately 3 hours of rainfall without a break and overflowing of a part of the highway over the highway, said they had informed the authorities. After the arrival of the road crews, reflectors and warning signs were placed in the crashing area and drivers were warned. Transportation to the district is provided by a single lane.



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