Mayor Yılmaz examines paving works

Mayor Yılmaz examined the asphalting works: Bolu Municipality accelerated the asphalt works. Mayor Yılmaz examined the asphalt works in Çakmaklar and Alpağut Neighborhood and met with workers. sohbet He.
With the arrival of the summer months, asphalt teams affiliated to the Bolu Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs accelerated their work. Mayor Yılmaz, who visited the municipal teams working on asphalt on the road between Çakmaklar and Alpağut District, with the workers sohbet did. Mayor Yılmaz, who received information about the works from the asphalt team workers, said, “One of the most difficult jobs in municipalities is asphalting. If it is held in the heat during Ramadan, it is necessary to appreciate the employees. We will finish this job as soon as possible with your labor force. You do an important job, you serve the public. Thank you all ”he said.
Citizens said they were happy with the work done and thanked the Mayor Yılmaz.



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