Smart Ticket Alliance joins 10 country more

The 10 country joined the Smart Ticket Alliance: Europe Two years ago, in February 2012, five members of the EU signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement the Smart Ticketing Alliance. These members are ITSO, UK; VdV, Germany; AFIMB, France; Calypso Network Association, France; UITP, international groups. The objective was to improve the inter-country use of Smart Tickets based on the principles set out by the Intergovernmental Employee Ticket Management (IFM) in the EU-IFM Project funded by the European Commission and to cooperate in the development of contactless bank cards and NFC-enabled devices, particularly mobile phones.

Now 24 joined these founding members on June 10 country's smart card operators. Smart ticket alliance is a non-profit international organization.

Now the Smart Ticket Alliance is creating working groups that deal with non-contact interfaces, NFC, certification and media security.

John Verity from ITSO was elected the first president of the alliance. In his statement, Verity said: daha There is a single voice across Europe or even a wider area in order to get the smart card you need in transportation from a multi-part industry and the latest customer-oriented media. We need security, we need speed and we need consistency in responses from suppliers, tut he said.

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