Who Will Make the Way of 120 Million TL Investment

Who Will Make the Way of an Investment of TL 120 Million: The third term meeting of the Mugla Provincial Coordination Board has marked which institution will make the road that will provide transportation to the Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Training and Research Hospital and Morphology Building with a project cost of approximately 3 million TL. Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer stated that the road is within the jurisdiction of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, while Provincial Director of Health Dr. Cihan Tekin stated that they will undertake the project due to the prolongation of the process. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality representative explained that they informed the relevant units to make a transportation study of the road before the construction started.
Speaking at the meeting, Muğla Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer said, ve The connection of the Training and Research Hospital and the Morphology Building to the highway is not only the mentioned places, but also the population density and traffic movements in the region. After that planning, it has to be designed according to this planning. Then this project needs to be implemented. There may be side roads, secondary roads can be opened. Sideways may need to be connected to multiple points after one point. If multiple connections are required, one connection may need to be re-made while a second connection is being used when using the existing University bridge.
This connection can be an underpass, an overpass, a clover junction. Highways may be required for all this. Our Investment Monitoring Coordination Department wanted to be involved in the Provincial Managers meeting. I told you to stop. I said this is the matter of the Metropolitan Municipality. But due to the importance of the matter, our Health Manager cared rightly. As a result, since everyone attracted to one side, our Health Directorate undertook to make projects completely. I got stuck with the project being done by the Health Directorate. Maybe I'm wrong. I think a very serious planning is needed here.
There will be settlement, population density, usage area, how will mobility. I just think that connecting the hospital to the highway shouldn't be that simple. I am worried that the project it will bring will not be enough by using the revolving funds of our Health Directorate and taking some initiative. In any case, after this project is done, I will either say Highways I will do, or Metropolitan will say I will. Within two years, not only the hospital and the morphology building, but the re-planning of that area, should be planned quickly. I wish we could solve this problem together. But this is not the office I wish. Sit down, rise, write, draw and solve this problem until the next meeting. ”
Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Müfit Bayram said, ben I attended the meeting which was held with the call of our health director representing the Metropolitan Municipality. In order to determine who will do what, a preliminary transportation study should be carried out. In 2013, we reported to the relevant units in a letter 'Make a transport study here'. How many people will go to hospitals, how much vehicle traffic should be known, ”he said.

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