Crazy projects will be trouble for Istanbul

Crazy projects will be trouble for Istanbul: 3. Limak's Chairman of the Board of Directors Nihat Özdemir, who is in the consortium constructing the airport, said that if the port and the airport are built and the integrated system is not completed, all of the investments made will be wasted.

The lungs of Istanbul are 3 built into the Northern Forests. Limak-Cengiz-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, which also builds the airport, has been built by Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir's 3. airport exit drew attention.

  1. Özdemir stated that they had made the airport and that the number of passengers and vehicles were certain. UM Despite the fact that we could tell the highway, railway and metro 2 years before, we could not even make auctions. If we do not do this, our ports will be the investments that will cause trouble for Istanbul when all of our airports are opened. Bunlar

Ozdemir, "Forum Istanbul 2016" in his speech on the second day, both the advantages of Turkey stated that the disadvantages of both, told Turkey's geographical advantage in the meaning. Özdemir stated that 60 of passengers passing through Istanbul airport is the transit passenger of XNUMX.

UM Our new 3. At the airport we are trying to make an airport covering these features. There is a great work and this work continues in this way and if there is no mishap in the first quarter of 2018 90 million passengers with the capacity to open and aviation industry will offer. 10 percent of the aviation sector in the world and Turkey are showing growth level. above this figure in Turkey stands out more. "

Energy companies hit the board

Nihat Özdemir, UM With the effect of the increase in the dollar exchange rate, the price of kilowatt hour electricity in the free market has declined from 9 cents to 4,5 cents. With these figures, the predictions in all projects are astonished. Bu

Turkey's up to 2002 from 2013 that grow at the level of average annual percent 5 are striking Ozdemir, this is 10 year period that realized investment especially concentrated in the energy sector and Turkey's Taking the floor 2,5 of installed capacity in April 2016 as of 74 thousand megawatts reached, he said.

HAMDİ AKIN: I wouldn't make this big

Akfen Holding and TAV Airports Holding Chairman Hamdi Akın said that an 3 airport in Istanbul is a must in the assessment of 3. Akın, said the airport will not hold such a large area. Akin, said:

Yapılabilir I would have done more. After that, we would slowly grow up. I used to do a terminal building. I would build a runway, the terminal building could be enlarged. 1, 2, 3, 4 would be the terminal. As in all world terminals. Then I would add the tracks. It would be a target that could be reached. Yap

ANCIENT THY MANAGER: 3. Airport waste

Previously 3 to a magazine. The former Chairman of the Board of Directors of THY, Candan Karlıtekin, 3. He said the airport was 'wasted'. Karlıtekin, itle Tenderers who pay the 25 will pay in installments per year. Even environmental impact assessment studies are a serious issue that should take years. It is good to accelerate the economy with the construction sector, but for this it should give priority to other investments that have superior economic reality. İnşaat


The damage caused to the environment by the third airport, which is known to cut more than one million trees with the completion of the completion of the 2 tree with the third bridge north of the city, has been revealed in the EIA report. In the EIA report, it was determined that the airport would destroy the natural ecosystem, finish the live systems in the wetlands, dry the Terkos Lake and Alibey, Pirinçi dams, and eliminate the agricultural and pasture lands.

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