Konya Made The Most Affordable Tram Tender

The Most Affordable Tram Tender was Made by Konya: The 60 units trolley purchase tender made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality was selected as the best price in the world by 2012-2013 by the transportation magazine named ver Stadtverkehr Stadt.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek announced that the magazine Stadtverkehr, which publishes about transportation investments in the world, examined the tram tenders held in the world in 2012-2013 and announced that Konya was the city that bought the best quality trams at the most affordable price. President Akyürek pointed out that many cities around the world that purchased trams in 2012-2013 were examined and said, “We received a thank you letter from the general manager of a company that participated in our tram tender and could not win the tender. Referring to the magazine in the letter, it is stated that it was documented with a research that we bought the best quality trams at the most affordable prices in the world ”. Mayor Akyürek stated that 60 of the 9 trams that were tendered were received and that 7 of them, who completed the trial voyage, started service, and that the contractor firm will deliver 4 trams to Konya Metropolitan Municipality every month.
Alaaddin-Adliye between the arrival and departure of the 14 kilometers, even emphasizing the ongoing work of President Akyürek, geliş There will be applied the most advanced system in the world. Where the date touches the wire, the mast will not be. Trams will run on the tarans. These trams are charging at stops. We increase the 20 to 60 by increasing 72. The next trams will be produced with the new system and will not be wasted time. Bundan


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