The pedestrian underpass in Şemikler near happy end

The pedestrian underpass in the Şemikler approached the happy end: The Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir also completed the şt suspension of the railway line Ş, the most difficult part of the work, in the “32 meter tunnel UM pedestrian underpass in Şemikler.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, began the construction of the level of the level of the level of the closed crossing in Şemikler pedestrian underpass in the work came to 70 levels. The suspension of the railway line, which is the most difficult part of the construction work, has been successfully carried out. 160 pieces bored pile and 191 jet grout (concrete column) were made for this manufacturing which was realized as a result of the devoted works of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams. After the completion of the process, tunnel reinforced concrete production was started.
The Metropolitan Municipality will construct a pedestrian underpass to connect Erdogan Akaya Street, Central Mosque and the marketplace to 6418 Street. Approximately 5 meters will be the 6 meter at the width of the underpass projected to be made from the bottom of the floor. Approximately 32 meters will be built for the underpass.
Meeting with the inhabitants of Şemikler on the incoming requests, Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, exchanged ideas about the solution of the road problem in Şemikler. After the meeting, which was attended by citizens from all walks of life, such as tradesmen, muhtars and association representatives, a consensus was reached on Ş pedestrian underpass emik to Şemikler. The underpass, which would greatly relax the transportation of the neighborhood people and enable the center to become more active, would be planned in a way that could be arranged in accordance with the future requirements.
The Metropolitan Municipality made its projects and made a tender on November 8, 2012 for the first time. The site was handed over on 19 December 2012. However, due to the insufficient capacity of the contractor company to do the work, the productions could not be realized at the desired level and rate. The work was terminated unilaterally by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on 02 August 2013, as the contractor company failed to complete the work and left the construction site by collecting all its machinery and equipment. On October 22, 2013, the work was re-tendered as a bargaining procedure in accordance with subparagraph (b) of Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 21, under the name of "Construction of the Completion of the Şemikler Pedestrian Underpass". The tender was awarded to Barankaya İnşaat Haf. commitment Acr. Art. Food Industry Tic.A.Ş. firm awarded the tender with a contract value of 1 million75 thousand 912 TL. kazanAfter the site delivery on 13 November 2013, the production started.


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