The first loading from Kemalpaşa OSB is from Ege Seramik

First installation from Kemalpaşa OSB From Ege Seramik: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Lütfi Elvan opened the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone Railway Connection Line within the scope of Izmir contacts. The opening of the Manisa / Turgutlu-İzmir / Kemalpaşa connection line, which will connect the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone to the railway, was made by the AK Party İzmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım. Metin Tahan, General Director of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Izmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, İbrahim Polat Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board Adnan Polat, Ege Seramik and Ege Vitrifiye Deputy Chairman Bülent Zıhnalı, Ege Seramik General Manager Göksen Yedigüller, Ege Vitrifiye General Manager Merter Savaş , Ege Seramik dealers and many guests attended.
AK Party Izmir Mayor candidate Yıldırım, Turkey is one of the few organized industrial zones beyond the limits of Gulab Organized load of around 500 firms he said transport will be held in the Industrial Zone. Yıldırım said: “It is a very important railway line that will carry Anatolia to the ports abroad with this railroad. There are 27 bridges up to Turgutlu and many bridges on the road, tunnels, viaducts and underpasses. An important project that is fully equipped with art structures. When we laid the foundation, there was also Ibrahim Polat. The head of the company owners was with us. We came to a happy end when thinking about whether the project will be or not. We will lift the train soon and send farewell to Ankara. ”
Explaining that Kemalpaşa is an important district, Yıldırım said: “It is a district where industrialism, fruit growing and animal husbandry are developed. The entrance door of Izmir. It is the place where all the traffic coming from Ankara, Istanbul and Aydin are distributed. The logistics center, which is still under construction, is established on an area of ​​2 million square meters. This train will also stop there, and we will provide 5 new jobs in İzmir. 35 İzmir, 35 projects, our Izmir is developing and developing. The connection of İzmir with other cities is getting stronger. After the 30 March elections, I hope that we will perform the missed services one by one in İzmir. We aim to make Turkey's most advanced culture, art and tourism in 1414 with the project for the Mediterranean to be the shining star of brand trust when the city when İzmirliler support. "
Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Elvan, Turkey is having significant advantages in terms of proximity to global markets, but said that the advantages of the AK Party government for not adequately assessed before.
Reminding that Turkey's largest logistics center established in Izmir Elven; He continued as follows: "Turkey has major advantages with its proximity to global markets. However, these advantages have not been sufficiently assessed before the AK Party governments. Logistics centers in many developed countries of the world are among the indispensable parts of the industry. If there are no logistic centers in the industrial zone, the strengthening of the industry is very difficult. The first is your logistics center. The second is your connection to the sea. Thirdly, this connection will be by rail. Kemalpaşa will hope to have them soon after. 3 million square meters, which will cover Turkey's largest logistics center is being established. 600 will have a thousand square meters of storage space. This center will be a complete structure that includes everything that comes to mind, especially storehouse, marketing, packaging. Bank, PTT will be the hotel if necessary. This center will serve the industrialists. With this railway connection, the industrial zone with the logistics center will at least triple in a few years. Bu
Minister Elvan also gave the following information about the projects that are expected to be completed in Izmir: ağ We will provide a railway line over the Nemrut Bay through the Menemen Aliağa railway line. 50 has a value of TL million. We are starting this project this year. Another project of the high-speed train will pass the Halkapınar bus station subway construction work has been completed. We will start the construction of this project with an amount of TL 280 million. X
Transfer opinions regarding the entry into service of the connection line Ege Ceramics General Manager said Göksan Yedigül also said: "Line Upon completion Gulab Organized of the products produced in the Industrial Zone easy to Turkey's four corners and quickly dispatch the facility said it occurred. Adnan Polat, İbrahim Polat Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, thanked Yıldırım for being a follower of the project. ” Polat stated that 305 thousand tons of cargo will be transported in the first stage; “Thousand 230 tons of raw materials will be transported. Here, millions of tons of railways will be delivered to the raw materials markets. In this way, it will also reduce the large pickup traffic on the roads. ”
Adnan Polat, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of İbrahim Polat Holding, presented the specially designed ceramics by Ege Seramik to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Elvan and İzmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım. The first loading of the railway line that was put into service after the opening ceremony was carried out by Ege Seramik A.Ş. The ceramic loaded train departed for the first time in Ankara. Gulab Organized Industrial Zone in the Aegean as many manufacturers Ege Ceramics and Sanitaryware be completed with the opening of the line services to dealers in Turkey and will reach more quickly by rail to customers.


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