A Single Declaration System should be implemented at Gürbulak Border Gate

A Single Declaration System Should Be Implemented at the Gürbulak Border Gate: UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, the live broadcast guest of the "Finance Center" program presented by Güzem Yılmaz on Bloomberg HT TV, evaluated the lifting of the embargo and its reflections on the logistics sector.

After a nuclear agreement between Iran and the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, 3 described the abolition of the ongoing embargo as a ın revolution süre in terms of its diploma, and said it should be ready for the big leaps in terms of foreign trade.

Zor It is not a Difficult Target to Reach Trade Volume 30 Billion Dollar “

Mr. Erkeskin stated that the trade volume and cooperation between the two countries will increase with the abolition of the sanctions. This embargo period despite the decline in trade volume, Turkey continued to support the country towards achieving the condition of the products used in the nuclear activities of Iran. When we consider these relations, Turkey's trade volume with Iran, near the exit to 80 15 billion dollars billion dollars is not a difficult target. At the beginning of next year, we will see the first signals for this revival. Gelecek

Lan Remaining Tire Fleets in the South Will Revive “

Mr. Erkeskin underlined that the developments in foreign trade directly affect the logistics sector and he said that they are evaluating the agreement as a logistics sector in a positive way and they have the capacity to meet the trade volume which will increase.

The President of UTIKAD stated that there are also Turkish logistics companies operating in Iran and that if the demand increases, companies in the sector can increase their investments immediately.

Recalling also that it has developed a truck fleet in Turkey Erkeskin, especially after the developments in Syria revived in recent years attracted the attention of the rest of the fleet will be scored in the south.

”Iran and the Single Declaration System“

Erkeskin reminded that there have been problems such as fuel price difference in road transport with Iran in recent years, said:

Ord Especially the fuel price difference provided significant advantages to Iranian trucks. As a result of the negotiations reached a certain agreement on this issue, but still continue to have some troubles in the region. We have increased the number of flights in the last year on the road which is the most active transportation mode with Iran.

All of our business is done with customs, so we need to speed up our operations at customs. The step we will take as a priority in our road transport with Iran should be to implement the olarak single statement ız system at Gürbulak Border Gate. Providing a transition environment without losing time from the border crossing of both countries with a single declaration will reduce the time lost in the customs. In Gürbulak, we should put this application into use without wasting time.

Of course, we should also improve our railway connections. In order to make conventional and intermodal transport with Iran, we need to increase the capacity of the ferries operating in Van Lake. 3 ferries are currently being operated on Lake Van. Each ferry has 9 to 12 wagon capacity and 500 is capable of handling gross tonnage, but these ferries are often disabled due to malfunctions. A new ferry will be commissioned at the end of this year. These investments in the region should be increased in order to activate the transition to Lake Van. Van

”Iran may be a serious competitor in our goal of becoming a logistics center“

This agreement after a Iran has been integrated into the world, indicating that Turkey can be a serious competitor in the goal of becoming a logistics center Erkeskin, "especially staying in the very heart of Turkey and Iran's trade in the market will be made to the Caucasian country from the Chinese market. When we think about Iran's opportunities in the transportation sector, it is more advantageous to go to Iran from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan. We do not experience any problems in the European market, but we may be disadvantaged in transit transports from China to Caucasian countries. In addition, in order to avoid losing the market in transit trade to the Caucasus countries, the BTK (Baku-Tbilisi-Kars) railway line must be implemented as soon as possible Ayrıca.

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