CAF USA Extends Its Plants in USA

HT Ankara CAF
HT Ankara CAF

CAF USA Elmira Heights has announced that it plans to increase the production capacity of its manufacturing facilities in New York due to recent light rail and streetcar orders.
Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, located in Spain's Besain, is a subsidiary of SA (CAF) in North America, a test area of ​​1152 square meters (12800 square meters) of light rail vehicles currently being produced for the Houston Metro. is planned to be added. The planning office in Chemung County New York approved this project on Thursday, March 2, 20.

This new addition will be located next to the 2340 square meter building that has been completed to support the final assembly of the Light Rail Vehicles gear.

The approval of the local planning authorities is expected, but there is no problem with the approval of the Horseheads District next to Elmira Heights, where much of the area will be expanded.

CAF USA has already signed contracts for intercity rolling stock for Amtrak, Light Rail equipment for Houston, and streetcar construction for both Cincinnati and Kansak City, Mo. 600 people currently work at the facility in Elmira Heights

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