COWI acquires ERTMS consultancy firm

COWI acquired the ERTMS consultancy firm: DENMARK firm announced on 24 March that it has acquired Apsilon, a Danish consultancy firm in Denmark, which is an expert in signaling systems. Founded in 2000, Apsilon has 2 employees in 14 separate offices and according to the records in 2013, its turnover is 18 million Danish kroner.
COWI, which is already a strong place in Denmark and International markets as a result of the incorporation of Apsilon, a railway consultancy firm, which has a peculiar authority in the signaling system in Denmark, including ERTMS, in the comments of Michael Bindseil, Senior Vice President of COWI Denmark at Railway, Highway and Airports, he will be stronger in the railway sector. ”
Andreas Petersen, Apsilon's Managing Director and former main shareholder, said in a statement that the consultancy firm said, “He is working diligently to provide the necessary competencies in ERTMS, preparing design specifications for signal control systems and remote control systems for ERTMS in Eastern Denmark and also in Norway. It provides specifications regarding remote control needs for ERTMS and train management system ”.


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