Bozankaya Group Undertakes Significant Works in Rail Systems

Bozankaya Automotive
Bozankaya Automotive

Bozankaya Group undertakes important activities in rail systems: Producing worldwide projects in the field of public transport and energy Bozankaya The Group carries out important works especially in rail systems. Producing bodies for more than 1400 rail system vehicles for Europe and the Americas so far Bozankaya Inc. General Manager Aytunç Günay; “Bozankaya as our aim; To be a global vehicle manufacturer for both wheeled and rail system vehicles”.

Bozankaya The Group makes a name for itself in many parts of the world with its strong structure that includes all the rings necessary for the formation of bus and rail vehicles. Bozankaya Inc. General Manager Aytunç Günay; “We develop high technology, design vehicles with low initial investment and operating costs,” he says. Aiming to contribute to our country by supporting the discipline and technological power brought about by starting its first activities in Germany, with domestic production. Bozankaya, aims to launch our electric bus and trambus vehicles, and then to start mass production of trams, and to start producing the metro vehicle with a 2016% domestic rate in its new factories being established in Ankara in 60.

First of all, can you briefly inform us about the structuring of your company?

Established in Germany as an R & D company in 1989 “BozankayaX In 1997, it started the production of chassis and body for a world-famous bus manufacturer in Salzgitter. 2003 in Ankara Bozankaya Inc. and Graepel Bozankaya companies were established, and in 2005, again as a partner with a world-famous brand, it started operating in Sacramento - USA for the Rail Systems Metro Project. Investing in the field of energy and creating HEPP projects in 2007 Bozankaya The group established TCV in 2010 to design and manufacture its own bus.

In September, 2013 incorporates Alfa-Solar, Europe's highest technology manufacturer of solar panels and established in 1993. Bozankaya The Group has become a technology center producing projects worldwide in the Public Transportation and Energy sector. Bozankaya, Since 1989; Stadler is the solution partner and partner of many world leading brands such as Siemens, Mercedes, Vossloh, Lely and Luxfer-Dynatek.

Carrying out activities on three continents Bozankaya's biggest strength is that it contains all the rings that need to be formed by bus and rail vehicles. We combine our understanding of quality, our discipline with the most advanced technology and we never compromise on success. In this way, we can sign joint projects with companies around the world and become an indispensable partner. Bozankaya Our goal is to be a global vehicle manufacturer for both wheeled and rail vehicles.

Can you get detailed information about the latest product or service you offer to the Rail Systems sector?

In rail vehicles, the importance of body and chassis is many times higher than that of a rubber wheeled vehicle. Additional vibrations arising from many non-damping vibrations and iron-wheel-rail relationships in rail system vehicles, G forces acting on the vehicle regularly, serious engineering work on rail system vehicles and high quality production are required. In this way Bozankaya As of today, we have produced hulls for rail system vehicles over 1400 only for Europe and America. In the projects carried out for various cities, we have made significant contributions to the design of vehicles not only in terms of production but also in engineering.

When we look at our current works on Rail Systems simultaneously Bozankaya GMBH; It manufactures trams, subway bodies to three major German rail system vehicle manufacturers and develops a battery and battery management system for our battery-powered tram project.

Bozankaya A.Ş; With the support of Tübitak, Bogi carries out the 100 percent low-floor tram project and the R&D & Prototype studies of the first Turkish Metro vehicle, supports Skoda Transportation as the 'Executive Partner' for the Konya Tram Project, manufactures the body for the domestic tram to operate in Istanbul, Ankaray supports vehicle repairs and maintenance, tries to contribute to the development of the Rail System sector in Turkey together with ARUS, and prepares for vehicle tenders in Turkey.

Rail Systems, especially 10 has increased its weight in our country over the years, big projects are following each other. What are the pros and cons of serving in such an important field?

Many cities, especially Istanbul, Konya, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, have started to use rail transportation systems since the beginning of the 90s. In these projects, rail system vehicles were unfortunately imported for huge budgets and are still being imported. Our cities need thousands of kilometers of rail transportation system networks and thousands of rail system vehicles.

Considering the size of employment, would you think that a global manufacturer is an average of 70 thousand employees?

In terms of material size; If you consider that a tram with an 5 module at the station is purchased for a minimum of 4 Million TL and 2023 needs a thousand vehicles by 5, I think it can give an idea about the size of its contribution to the country's economy. Turkey can evaluate up to 2023 in the hands of a very large potential. We think that using this potential well will provide a serious employment and resources to our country. We started out by seeing this need in our country and we have completed the design of 100 low base, bidirectional, 33 tramway with 5 module and bogi with a team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers. This tram, which is in compliance with international standards, will be the solution to the transportation problems of our cities. Thanks to this project, we offer a high quality and financially advantageous domestic production transportation means compared to the European transportation vehicles.

What makes you different from your counterparts? What kind of added value do your products offer?

Our biggest difference in both the tire wheel and the rail system vehicles is the technological and productive supports we receive from our group companies. We are developing high technology, we are designing first investment and low running cost vehicles. As an independent group, we work with a professional team, mainly Turkish designers and engineers.
In line with our sensitivity to security, we adopt the necessary technologies from the most developed centers in the world and adapt them to modern public transportation vehicles. In our projects, we add value by targeting the most suitable public transportation for the city which will be more economical and more modern, without compromising on high quality. Since we have started our activities in Germany, which is the center of the rail system, the contribution that we can provide by reinforcing our discipline and knowledge with domestic production in our country is another feature that can distinguish us from our equivalents.

What are the challenges in the Rail Systems sector? In order to overcome these difficulties, what kind of progress should be made in the state channel and in company?

You can imagine how difficult it can be for a Turkish company to exist and become such a business in Germany during the 1990 years. However, when you do your job correctly in Europe, it is possible to come somewhere. Bozankaya There is something we have mentioned as pressing on it; Her Every opportunity we can offer our experience to our country and become a solution partner will be an honor. ” Especially on rail Bozankaya'S may directly or indirectly contribute to Turkey are trying to show that very thing.

Our state and especially local administrations to us and all domestic manufacturers trying to make the new new thing, especially for giving us the opportunity in the tender, yet in Turkey such means of encouraging way stretch them to start some qualification criteria because it is not produced, of great importance for Turkey Rail Industry It is.

Considering that the vehicle costs are very high, the closure of our current account deficit and the localization of tenders in the name of the development of the national economy will contribute significantly to the development of the sector.

The cost of a subway tender held in only one of our cities is approximately 390 million dollars and the tender was awarded to a foreign company. kazanEven to emphasize the extent of the contribution of 51 million dollars to the country's economy thanks to the 195 percent locality rate in the tender specifications; sums up the subject in the best way possible.

We may also explain the importance of the rail system sector in terms of our state and our economy if you consider the employment of any local company with a percentage of 60 locality, the minimum 30 of the total vehicle cost is spent on labor and you will consider the employment that will be created by all these.

products used in rail systems in Turkey have sufficient hardware from a technological point? What kind of R & D studies do you draw your service quality?

The vision of the city or region in Turkey, according to the needs of the rail system of the vehicle is indexed technologies. In our era of world city Istanbul, Turkey and it is among the leading countries in the world. For this reason, no longer driverless subway-trams, intercity high-speed trains come into play. The efforts to link Istanbul-Izmir-Ankara-Konya with high-speed train systems are about to be completed. Even in Japan or Vienna, you can see the 30 yearly trams, as well as the latest high-speed train or tram. The same is true for Turkey.

Turkey in terms of vehicle technology is no longer a difference in the world's other developed countries. We only see that the rail system is a little behind the use of both passenger and freight transport; however, we believe that this difference will close in a very short period of time as we begin to give the necessary importance to the rail system. This is very clear maps of networks such as metro-tram.

it is made from foreign rail infrastructure in the country much earlier, as subsequently set up these structures are forcing our financial Municipalities in Turkey. It is sometimes not possible to install the catenary system that rail system vehicles have to use to get electrical energy everywhere because of the historical texture of the city. Bozankaya for this reason, it has developed Tram technology which can work even without catenary line. This technology, which we use both electric bus and trambuste, will be a serious solution for tram-metro.

Turkey is a sunny country with plenty of rail vehicles and electrical work which is also considering Bozankayagenerating electricity with solar panels to be adapted to stations or lines; has also developed solutions to reduce the operating costs of these tools.

Can we get 2013 year evaluation and 2014 targets for your company?

Year 2013 Bozankaya for; From CNG bus - up to a 25-meter trambus; It has been an R&D year in which many projects have been designed and reached a trial phase, on a scale ranging from the Low Base Tram - to the electric bus that goes 250 km with our own batteries.
We aim to collect the fruits of our R & D activities at 2013 by realizing our vehicles at 2014-2016 and presenting them to the market.

xnumx't to Bozankaya It aims to be the Group that produces the most economical, durable and quality public transportation vehicles of its class. We will launch our electric buses and trambus vehicles at fairs such as Busworld & Eurasia Rail in 2014, and then start mass production of tramways.

In 2016 BozankayaWill start to produce Metro vehicle with 60 percentage of domesticity in our new factory being established in Ankara.

Finally; What is your foresight in transport systems? Which system offers more economical, environmental and traffic-relaxing solutions?

As a Group that produces vehicles related to public transportation, it is our main philosophy to develop solutions according to every need. In this context Bozankaya, together with the transportation planners within its own body, conducts special studies on public transportation systems and determines how a vehicle will be more suitable for that city.

For example, there are many criteria for determining which of the vehicles such as diesel bus, CNG bus, electric bus, trolleybus, tram and subway will be suitable for that city or route. These are: passenger capacity, peak hour status, possible stopping distances, initial investment cost, operating cost etc. important factors.

Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc. in the solution of public transport problems. We believe that these vehicles, which are used in many European countries, will meet the needs of our cities for environmentally friendly, fast and reliable transportation systems and will contribute significantly. Based on this idea, we have started to produce Turkey's first and the world's second 24,7 meters long trambus at the end of our studies. The trambuses, which we produced for the first 10 Malatya Municipality, will be a good alternative for rail systems and will be able to work integrated with rail systems. Trambuses, which receive their energy from the overhead line catenary system fed with 750 V DC, have today's tram and metro vehicle technology, but they are less costly transportation systems compared to rail systems since they do not bring rail and similar infrastructure costs due to their rubber wheels.

In addition, the energy consumption values ​​of trambuses are 65-70% lower per km than diesel fuel buses, and they have twice the service cycle of these vehicles. In this respect, we see the electric bus and trambus as much more convenient and useful than the rail systems. With our city planners, we are carrying out intensive activities in this regard in Turkey. in 2016 BozankayaWill start to produce 60 subway vehicles with XNUMX percentage in our new factory being established in Ankara.

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