TürkTraktör's Budget-Friendly New TDD Delta Series in Kayseri

TürkTraktör's Budget-Friendly New TDD Delta Series in Kayseri: Introduced at Kayseri Agriculture Fair The New Holland TDD Delta Series is a candidate to become an indispensable medium-sized agricultural enterprise. TDD Delta Series offers high performance; The budget-friendly, economical use draws attention.
Kayseri, 24 March 2014 - The new member of TürkTraktör's New Holland TDD family, which is preferred by farmers, TDD Delta Series will be presented to the farmers at Kayseri Agriculture Fair that will be held between 26-29 March 2014. The TDD Delta Series draws attention with its high performance hardware features as well as the farmers' budget. TDD Delta Series, which has environmentally friendly Tier III engines producing 75, 90, 100 and 110 HP power with its modern cabin and body design, offers 4 different models with 4 cylinders.
İrfan Özdemir, the Assistant General Manager in charge of TurkTraktör sales; Uz As TürkTraktör, we continue to offer our farmers the most advanced technology and performance with the best conditions and service network. The new member of our New Holland product range includes the TDD Delta Series; We specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of middle class agricultural enterprises. The TDD Delta Series offers a variety of user-friendly options, ranging from 75 to 110 HP, offering a range of four engines with high efficiency. I believe that the new TDD Delta Series will soon become the primary choice of the farmer. Yeni
Technical specifications
Powerful and robust, low-noise, long-life, can produce high torque TDD Delta Series, turbocharger and intercooler features are offered as a standard. At the same time, TDD Delta Series helps the farmer's budget by reducing the cost of maintenance.
TDD Delta series has a 3 × 4 transmission structure in which all the speeds required by the driver can be achieved thanks to 12 steps and 12 speed gears. The TDD Delta Series tractors provide all forward speed ranges for reverse, thanks to the mechanical forward-reverse shuttle lever located next to the steering wheel. In addition, the back and forth mechanical shuttle lever placed next to the steering wheel offers the driver ease of use and ergonomics in maneuvers.
TDD Delta Series models with 4 hydraulic power output; There is a superior hydraulic structure with the Lift 0-maticTM system, which can be used as a standard for draw, position, hybrid, and buoyancy functions, and for ease of turnaround. Farmers have the opportunity to work with many different equipments thanks to the lifting capacity of the TDD Delta Series 3.565 kg.
Addresses those who care about design and comfort
Thanks to its modern cab, the new TDD Delta series with 5.5 m2 glass area provides 360 flawless and wide viewing angle. The cabin insulation, which was developed as a result of advanced technology and devoted work of Turkish engineers, only offers 79.5 dB (A), noise free and noise-free working environment in the cabin.



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