Traffic and transport solutions for presidential candidates

Traffic and transportation solutions for presidential candidates: 30 The pre-election Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) will be held in March. and transportation projects
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş (AK Party)
We built tunnels, roads and intersections to open the clogged veins of Istanbul. We brought metrobus solution to metropolis traffic. We folded the length of the existing rail system. We renewed ferries and wharfs in sea transportation. Now we will get 700 new ships with 10 passenger capacity. We are opening a new era in transportation. We're going to build air raiders, build ropeways. We have a parking project in every neighborhood. 19 metro, airway and ropeway project with 100 modern car park projects for a thousand vehicles were approved in the Assembly. We are building Havaray from Şişhane Metro to Mecidiyeköy, from Kartal to E-5. Beykoz'da Karlıtepe and Yuşa'ya, Kartal, Kartal Station, we are establishing a cable car line to Aydos.
We can say that the transportation is in Istanbul. We have finished 286 intersections on highways. 3 led tunnel.
Our integrated transportation moves continue. With this enthusiasm, we increased the length of the rail system to 141,5. Construction of the 110 mileage system continues. In our introduction program 2019 was our target in 400, we revised it in the last works we made and we increased our target to 430 kilometers. After the 2019 776 mileage metro line, hopefully Istanbul will be attained. 2016 million people will use the 7 metro. 2019 11 million people can travel under the ground. We set out these goals scientifically. Although approximately 600 vehicles were added to traffic each day, we reduced the average travel time of 2004 to 53 minutes in 49.
ISTANBUL Metropolitan Mayor Candidate MUSTAFA SARIGÜL (CHP)
First of all we will update the transportation master plan. Everything will be planned in transportation. We will manage transportation from a single source. The rail system will be supported by sea transport and road public transport types. The share of the rail system in public transportation varies between 70 and 90 in the developed metropolitan areas of the world. This rate is around 20 in Istanbul. Many of them are problematic; integration with other public transport lines is weak. The metro station in Istanbul is 68 km. The total rail system network with other rail systems is around 150 km. However, 18 437 km in Shanghai and 10 190 km in New Delhi in the year. Rail systems, especially metro, will be developed and the share of rail system in public transportation will be increased to 50. The maritime connections of the rail system will be strengthened by new sea transport lines. A new rail system line will be built on the East-West axis and preferably through dense settlements. In railway systems, necessary studies will be carried out to benefit from innovative technologies such as Havaray. In order to ensure efficient use of the rail network in Istanbul and to integrate with other species, large transfer centers will be established with the capacity of parking, and ası continue parking lı will be encouraged.
The share of sea transportation in public transport in Istanbul will be increased from 4 to 10. For this, the integration of sea transport with other modes of transport will be improved. Maneuvering skills will be increased with high steamers. With the transition between the two sides of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara will be installed along the new piers will be installed.
Passenger transport will benefit from the power of private entrepreneurs as much as possible. Private transporters (private public buses, minibuses, taxis, minibuses, shuttles, etc.) will not be seen as a rival in the transport of passengers, they will be encouraged in terms of the quality of the service they offer, the conditions of their transportation, vehicle qualifications, ticket prices, inspections and payments.
At least a percentage of existing capacity will be improved by using the city roads more effectively and efficiently. In this context, traffic signs, signaling, rainwater drainage, pause pockets for public transport and taxi operation, lighting systems etc. such as upgrading, loading and unloading hours, night shifts in bridge crossings and parking fees, free public transportation in the early hours of the day, and the quality of service will be improved, especially in terms of capacity and security.
ISTANBUL Metropolitan Mayor Candidate RASİM ACAR (MHP)
Istanbul still does not have a unit to manage the traffic from a single center. In Istanbul, 10 has plans, projects, investments, implementations, maintenance, inspections, and has a public, organization and unit. There is a confusion between these units in terms of duties, authorities and responsibilities, and a lack of coordination between these units. The Transport Coordination Center, called UKOME, does not have a qualification and function to manage traffic and traffic in Istanbul. First of all I will collect transportation and traffic management in one center.
In Istanbul, where the 25 million journey per day and the average 1,7 per capita move, the weighted transportation of transportation is in the road system. The fact that alternative transportation systems are not developed and existing systems are weak in terms of accessibility and integration make transportation and traffic difficult and difficult to solve.
We can only solve the transport and traffic suffering in the framework of a system and master plan. First of all, I'm against point solutions and planning to complete the new roads and intersections I would like to specify that I would not.
In the master plan, my priority will be to increase the share of alternative systems in transportation. We will expand the rail and metro network in particular. We will establish transport centers in the city's transport focal points and spread them throughout Istanbul. Citizens will park their private car free of charge in the transfer center parking lot and will go to the metro, tram, IETT bus for one of the public transportation vehicles. He'il take his car and return home.
We bring unlimited access to 1 TL to all citizens, especially students.
We will expand the parking lots. We will create large parking spaces especially in transfer centers. We will also increase the share of sea transportation in transportation.
In order to manage transportation and traffic, we will establish a da Traffic Management Center konforlu in this center, where the transportation of the transportation systems in Istanbul and its transportation centers in a healthy and problem-free manner is ensured by our citizens to get comfortable, fast service and benefit from these conditions. will provide.
Ankara is the most comfortable metropolitan city with a population of more than 5 million. We will continue our efforts to protect this title by considering the increasing number of vehicles. We have new overpass, overpass, overpass, road widening and tunnel road projects. Following the Sincan and Çayyolu subways, the Keçiören subway will be opened at the end of the year and the trainings for the Airport-Sıhhiye metro are underway. One of our major projects is to turn the area into a public transport junction of Ankara upon the relocation of the Courthouse. This will be the center of the bus ropeway project that will carry the 80-100 people who will be an example in public transportation. Apart from the cable car; the new metro, minibus and bus stops will be the center of this region, city traffic will breathe.
While all cities in the world encourage public transportation, transportation in Ankara is being tried to be solved only by new means. With light rail systems and additional metro lines, transportation will be a problem. We will transport the Kayaş - Sincan suburban train connecting the other end of Ankara to Yenikent-Elmadağ and transfer it to our public transportation network and will transport the passengers from one end of the city to the other without any transfer fee. In this way; The number of buses entering Kizilay will be reduced, traffic will be relieved and environmental pollution will be prevented. We will also solve the problem of non-subway transport by a light rail network. New lines planned to be constructed; Mamak-Beşevler 12 km., Çankaya-Kızılay 12 km., Etlik-Siteler-Kızılay 16 km, Etlik-Kuğulu park 12 km. , Mamak-Çankaya 22 km. We aim to carry around 1.600.000 passengers per day on these lines. Today these buses carry around 550.000 per day. METU, Bilkent, Hacettepe universities will provide the metro connection with the monorail. Transfer points, parks, university campuses will be put on use-leave bicycles.
We promise 24 hours. Living Ankara Biz. In this context; Uninterrupted access to 24 hours in the capital, Unrestricted access to students for daily 1 TL, Barrier Free Stop and Pavement Project, HAVARAY Project, Ring Roads Project, Ankara Intercity Bus Station Project, Plate and Numbering Project, ye All Ankara UM Infrastructure Investments Project, 5 Star Logistics facility: Truck Terminal project, 220 km new metro line, modernization and extension of suburban lines and traffic and transportation problems will be eliminated. Thus, our citizens will get the opportunity to receive 24 hours of uninterrupted transportation service and life in the capital 24 hours
IZMIR Metropolitan Mayor Candidate BİNALİ YILDIRIM (AK Party)
In order to solve the transportation problem of İzmir from the past, we have implemented valuable projects in the period of my Ministry. You know, transportation is my business. In the first place 26,5 km metro planning. In the second stage there are 65 km tram lines. Vertical and horizontal lines will be joined together. It will be integrated with public transportation. One of the most important projects is İZKARAY. The 1200 m tube will be connected to the fountain motorway of Cigli, with the gate and 6 thousand meters bridge. İZKARAY, which will be used in railway and rubber wheeled passes, will be connected to İZBAN line and new tram lines. 3 strip going, 3 strip is planned to be found on İZKARAY dual line rail system to be found. IZBAN line will be extended to 56 km by adding 26 kilometers from Aliaga to Pergamon and 190 to Ekol and Torbalı to Selçuk. The tourism potential of these districts will be increased and İZBAN line will be extended to 26 km. A total of 5 kilometers of the rail network will be built in the XNUMX stage. In addition, Traffic Control Center will be established within the scope of 'Transportation in Transportation' and Izmir's transportation will be coordinated with Intelligent Transportation Systems. In the cities where the public transportation is intense, measurement centers will be placed for blood pressure and diabetics. We will integrate internet access. You will be able to call the sea taxi to your location with the application of sea taxi within the scope of technological life. Application will be prepared for the 'transportation in life' which will show alternative transportation routes during peak hours to be aware of the areas where urban traffic is intense.
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality Mayor AZİZ KOCAOĞLU (CHP)
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will give great importance to rail system investments in the new period. 11 km. The existing network, which was taken over and taken to 96 km, will reach 302,6 km with ongoing metro, suburban, tramway and monorail line investments. The construction of the new metro line 5 will begin. The 15 new passenger ferry will continue to be available until 2017. The 3 new car ferry will be commissioned until 2016.
90 minutes thanks to indirect transport system being implemented in Izmir İzmirliler with the cheapest public transportation facility in Turkey. After the first take on the subway, suburban, bus and sea transportation, the people of İzmir have the right to unlimited access to the 1,5 for free. For example, students can benefit from all means of transportation for only 1 TL in this period. This application is a model in Turkey will continue in the coming period. Minibuses will also be included in the smart card system.
IZMIR Metropolitan Mayor Candidate MURAT TAŞER (MHP)
Local administrators and government bureaucracy who could not see that Izmir was growing up drowned our people, trapped them! The dead end forced the streets, traffic jams, parking problems and broken roads. We're gonna get over it. The city's inner journey, the journey; will not have difficulty in commuting. We're going to settle this matter.
• Alternative ways
• Contemporary public transportation vehicles
• Common light rail system; We will surround the entire city with a large Metro and İZBAN network.
• We will benefit from the versatile way to highlight maritime transport.
• We will provide the private sector with wide and reasonable opportunities.
• We will increase the support of the private sector for the transportation of employees and students. We will do our work for contemporary, comfortable and peaceful transportation provided that we have control.

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